Chapter 214: Delusion, bow (Part 2)

After dealing with her fake white lotus sister, Lin Wanting. At night, Lin Chujiu was in a good mood. But, before lying in the bed, Lin Chujiu remembered what happened last night. So, she secretly put a scalpel under her pillow.

Don’t underestimate this small blade, in the hands of ordinary people, it may be useless. But, in the hands of a surgeon, even such a small blade can take away a human’s life. 

Doctors understand clearly every part of the human body. They know which part was vulnerable and what not.

Everything was ready. But, when the night came, Lin Chujiu ended up ignorant again. After waking up in the morning, she still smelled Xiao Tianyao’s scent.

“Do I have a delusional disease?” Lin Chujiu rubbed her sore neck and frowned her eyebrows.

How could she sleep so well at night?

On the other side, Xiao Tianyao was also frowning. Lin Chujiu was too alert. He was restless when he slept beside her. He didn’t expect she will put a knife under her pillow, was she not afraid to hurt herself?

“Benwang remembered, last time Su Cha sent a box of tranquilizing incense, take it and brought it to Wangfei’s courtyard. Order the maidservant to put it at night.” The effect of this incense was not inferior to the original drug. It can make ordinary people fall asleep. However, the effect was useless to Xiao Tianyao.

An Wei acted in silence…


Today is the day when Princess Fu An will came to apologize. Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu finally met during the daytime.

“Wangye,” Lin Chujiu pay her respect. Right now, she was dressed like a real princess. She looks very elegant and beautiful.

Xiao Tianyao’s eyes were full of admiration. But, he didn’t show it on the surface of his face. He simply said: “Mmm.”

The two acted like strangers. They didn’t even say hello to each other. They just sit quietly, until Housekeeper Cao came in to report: “Cui Sanye and Princess Fu An have arrived.”

Xiao Tianyao nodded his head and made a gestured to let them in.

Soon, a gentle and elegant middle-aged man, Cui Sanye, came with a beautiful and dignified woman, Princess Fu An.

Although Princess Fu An was not enthusiastic, she still stood beside Cui Sanye. They were like a perfect match.

Princess Fu An was older than Xiao Tianyao. So obviously, Xiao Tianyao should pay her respect as his imperial sister. However, right now, she did not only brought gifts but also had to apologize. As soon as Cui Sanye came in, he respectfully made a greeting: “Xiao Wangye, Xiao Wangfei… …”

In this situation, as Cui Sanye’s wife, Princess Fu An can only gently bow down her head and take the initiative to greet Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu.

Xiao Tianyao impolitely accepted it, “No need for ceremony, sit down.”

“Thank you, Xiao Wangye.” Cui Sanye said gracefully, but Princess Fu An’s dignified face has shattered. Her face had become more and more stiff.

She was an imperial princess, no matter who she bullied, she never apologized. However, this Xiao Tianyao force her to bow her head?

Just by thinking about it, her heart felt very uncomfortable!

Lin Chujiu knew that this so-called apology of Princess Fu An was only forced because of her own mistake. Princess Fu An never really wanted to do this. However, she doesn’t care, because it’s still worth it, seeing Princess Fu An lose a face.

Princess Fu An think coming personally already gave Lin Chujiu a face. Cui Sanye also expecting her not to take the initiative to give an apology. So, he reminded her: “Princess, didn’t you bring a gift for Xiao Wangfei?”

Even if it was only for formality, it was necessary to personally hand over the gift to the receiver, just like giving a tea.

Hearing this, Princess Fu An’s complexion immediately paled. But, she knew she shouldn’t act wild this time. So, she strongly supported her cheeks to smile and said: “Yes, I have a gift for imperial sister-in-law, I hope she would accept it.”

After she spoke, she stood up and took the gift to the servant next to her. Then, she walked in front of Lin Chujiu.

Lin Chujiu did not embarrass Princess Fu An, but she also didn’t reply to give her a face. She only sat smiling, while waiting for Princess Fu An to hand over her present.


  • I changed Cui Third Son’s name to Cui Sanye. The meaning is the same.

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  1. @XT: desperate much? Using tranquilisers just so you can hug your wife at night instead of being stabbed? Maybe if you just treated her nice you could hug her even when she’s awake.

    @Chujiu: nice touch the knife. Coa lets face it if its really XT the scapel wouldnt hurt him physically. But if he knew you susoect ita him and still kept it nearby it would stab and deflate his ego

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