Chapter 215: Panic, I asked for it (Part 1)

Princess Fu An footsteps were extremely heavy. And every time she took a step, her anger increase. As a result, the smile on her face has distorted.

Cui Sanye didn’t look at Princess Fu An’s face. He only acted like nothing was happening. Xiao Tianyao also didn’t bother to care. This thing was what they force her to do. So, it’s really nothing important. The only point in this matter was for Princess Fu An to bow down her head.

With only a few meters of distance, Princess Fu An who walked very slow has finally arrived.

Seeing Lin Chujiu sitting in front of her, who only has the same age as her daughter. Princess Fu An had spent a lot of strength to suppressed her anger and grievances so that they can leave as soon as possible.

After taking a deep breath, Princess Fu An tried to smile and pushed the gift in her hands towards Lin Chuji: “Chu…jiu…” Those simple words were like being squeezed into Princess Fu An’s teeth.

“Imperial sister… …” Lin Chujiu replied to give Princess Fu An a face, but it’s more a slap.

Which elder sister has ever apologized to her sister-in-law?

Not to mention, she was an imperial princess!

Princess Fu An took a deep breath and restrained her irritation. She didn’t smash the gift in her hands to Lin Chujiu’s face.

“Before, this imperial elder sister was not good to you, but you don’t… …” Princess Fu An spits out her words one at a time, so her speech was very slow. She haven’t had a time to finished her words, but Lin Chujiu suddenly screamed in pain: “Ahhhh… …”


Princess Fu An was shocked. So, the gift in her hands fell on the floor. The jade inside was broken. But, she didn’t forget to take a few steps backward: “You… …”

Her accusation hasn’t been said, but Lin Chujiu painfully shouted again: “Ahh, my head, my head hurts!”

“Lin Chujiu… …” Xiao Tianyao was the quickest person who reacted and almost stood up. But at the crucial moment, he still regained his senses and sat back. He quickly turned his wheelchair and squeezed himself next to Princess Fu An. After he came close a bit to Lin Chujiu, he said: “Get out of the way.”

Princess Fu An almost fell on the floor when she took a few steps backward. Fortunately, Cui Sanye quickly holds her, so she didn’t fall.

“What happened?” Cui Sanye frowned his eyebrows. Princess Fu An hurriedly explained: “I, I didn’t do anything.” She didn’t even touch Lin Chujiu.

“I know, I’ve seen it.” Cui Sanye gently patted Princess Fu An to comfort her.

He knows Princess Fu An was not smart. Otherwise, she will not easily be used by Princess Fushou Zhang. With her stupidity, she will not make any action this time.

He believed in Princess Fuan.

“Lin Chujiu, what happened to you?” Xiao Tianyao quickly checked Lin Chujiu’s pulsed. After checking, he learned that her pulse was stable and no poisoning event happened.

I… …” Lin Chujiu’s head was still pounding in pain. As if someone was dissecting her brain, and so she couldn’t speak.

There’s no poison, nor injuries, but Lin Chujiu couldn’t speak. Xiao Tianyao immediately looked at Princess Fu An angrily: “What happened?”

Xiao Tianyao’s eyes looked very sharp like a knife. So, Princess Fu An shook her head and said in a hurry: “I, I don’t know. I didn’t do anything.” She just came to hand over the gift, so how will she know?

At this time, Lin Chujiu adapted somehow to the pain she felt. She grabbed Xiao Tianyao’s hand and said: “No, it has nothing to do with the princess… …”It’s not that she wanted to defend Princess Fu An, but Princess Fu An really has nothing to do with it.

When Princess Fu An and Cui Sanye heard her words, they let out a sigh of relief.

Seeing Lin Chujiu now could talk, Xiao Tianyao once again asked: “What happened to you?” How could she suddenly felt in pain?

“It’s nothing, I asked for it… …” Lin Chujiu’s face was pale and her lips were bleeding.

“Asked for it?” Obviously, Xiao Tianyao didn’t believe it, but Lin Chujiu didn’t explain further, so he only nodded his head.

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