Chapter 218: Destroying Tiancang Pavilion, Fist (Part 2)

The fat envoy tried his best to explain, but Xiao Tianyao seemed didn’t bother to listen to him. Because the next moment, he pointed his finger towards the direction of the northwest and said: “Do you know what place is there?”

The fat envoy really wanted to cry… …

Isn’t their Tiancang Pavilion was in that location?

“Xiao Wangye, you mustn’t be too impulsive.” My Tiancang Pavilion is there.

“Benwang is too cautious to leave a loophole open. Tell benwang, who said his legs were crippled and cannot be healed? Who told you?”

Xiao Tianyao stretched out his leg and kicked the fat envoy.

“Ahh… …” The fat envoy screamed in pain. He flew dozens of meters away and fell heavily on the ground. Even after a long while, he still couldn’t climb up, so he just wiped away the blood on his face and said: “Xiao, Xiao Wangye, don’t go too far, our Tiancang Pavilion… …”


The fat envoy’s words haven’t finished his words when suddenly, he heard a loud noise coming from the northwest direction. And not long after, a dusty fog even reached out from his house.

“You, you, you destroyed our Tiancang Pavilion?”The fat envoy had a bad premonition.

Someone actually dared to destroy his Tiancang Pavilion? Oh God, please let me die, I don’t have a face to show to the people.

The four Tiancang Pavilion in the four countries has been standing for almost hundred of years now. But, this Tiancang Pavilion in the East, that was in his hand exploded?

Today’s event will definitely be written in the history of Tiancang Pavilion, but it was a shameful one.

“Benwang always keep his words.” Xiao Tianyao was standing up against the wind, so his robe keeps dancing beautifully in the air. However, the fat envoy doesn’t have the heart to appreciate it. He was angry. He wanted to kill a person: “You have destroyed the Tiancang Pavilion, Tiancang Pavilion will not let you go.”

“Do you think benwang is scared?” With Xiao Tianyao’s cold air, the fat envoy felt suffocated and his body trembled. However, Xiao Tianyao ignored him, he just turned a stone chair and said: “Special Envoy, please sit down. That matter is now cleared. Let’s talk about a new business.”

Xiao Tianyao looked indifferent as if the person who blasted the Tiancang Pavilion was not him.

Seeing this, the fat envoy couldn’t help but laughed. “You destroyed my Tiancang Pavilion, but you still want to do a business with me?” Am I that easy to be bullied?

“Isn’t Tiancang Pavilion’s business is to sell information? Why you don’t want to do business with benwang?” Xiao Tianyao said casually, but in fact, the fat envoy felt a chill on his back.

He was almost certain that if he didn’t agree, Xiao Tianyao will destroy the other three building of Tiancang Pavilion.

The situation was out of his control, so he can only endure.

The fat envoy took a few deep breaths and suppressed the anger in his heart. Then, he sat in the chair in front of Xiao Tianyao: “What business is Xiao Wangye talking about?”

“Let’s talk about the people who robbed benwang’s things and hurt his people.” Someone dared to use a fist on him, then he must also use his fist.

If he won’t punch back, those people will think that he was only a paper tiger. Destroying Tiancang Pavilion was only just the beginning. They dared to hit his face, then they must prepare themselves to pay the price with their blood.

The fat envoy’s lips twitched. Obviously, he knew what Xiao Tianyao was planning to do.

He couldn’t help but feel bad for those unlucky people. Who would have thought Divine Doctor Mo will send them to death? However, after knowing that he won’t be the only one will suffer, he wanted to clap his hands.

The fat envoy simply replied: “Xiao Wangye, please give me a piece of paper and ink brush.”

When his words fell, someone immediately put a paper and an ink brush in front of him. This speed was so fast that the fat envoy couldn’t help but be surprised.

How many wise men are working under Xiao Tianyao?

Did they underestimate Xiao Tianyao too much?

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