Chapter 220: Went outside the palace, Xiao Zian is dying (Part 1)

Although Divine Doctor Mo was old and experienced many things, he was not familiar with politics. He doesn’t understand how the emperor’s brain works. So, when he heard the emperor’s question, he didn’t think much about it: “Xiao Wangfei’s medical skills are indeed extraordinary. She can give Xiao Wangye acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture points were a very complex thing, this old one only instructed Xiao Wangfei once, but she could remember them well.”

“Really?” The Emperor’s mood becomes much worst.

It seems that he really did help Xiao Tianyao. Without this marriage, Xiao Tianyao’s legs will stay crippled.

At this time, Divine Doctor Mo still didn’t notice the strange behavior of the emperor. So, when he remembered some things from the past, he asked in curiosity: “Huangshang, this old one was somewhat puzzled. Xiao Wangfei was very skillful. How come she has chronic poison in her body? Why did Xiao Wangye choose to use this old one to heal his legs than her?”

The Emperor understood Xiao Tianyao’s thoughts: “Because Xiao Wangye doesn’t believe in her skills. And at that time, she was… …very young.” In other words, who will believe to a doctor who has chronic poison on her body? Even him, he would believe Divine Doctor Mo, who was famous. 

It seems like Xiao Tianyao was really hopeless, so he let Lin Chujiu cure his legs. But as a result, he hit the jackpot!

“This old one understands.” When it comes to the Lin family affairs, Divine Doctor Mo paid no attention.

The Emperor was very upset, he wanted Divine Doctor Mo to retreat early. But suddenly, he remembered Xiao Tianyao’s revenge, so he gave him a reminder: “Xiao Wangye’s eyes are very sharp. He must have learned that Tiancang Pavilion sold the travel route of his grains and medicines. That’s why it was robbed. And so, he directly destroyed the Tiancang Pavilion. With his temper, he will never let go of those people who robbed his things. You should give them a message in advance if you don’t want Xiao Wangye to catch any of them.”

Ants can kill an elephant. Although they were only a small fry people, they were useful at times. So, the Emperor doesn’t mind helping those robbers a bit.

Divine Doctor Mo’s facial expression greatly changed: “This old one understood, thank you huangshang for the reminder.” After paying respect, Divine Doctor Mo hurriedly walked away.

Originally, because Xiao Tianyao’s legs were crippled. He had a little bit of connection with him. But, his medical skills were not as good as the people claimed, so… …

Xiao Tianyao’s legs become hopeless not long ago. And with his prestige in some sects, he gathered a group of young people to robbed Xiao Tianyao’s things.

The reason why those people stole Xiao Tianyao’s things, was not only to get his favor but also because they believed in his words that Xiao Tianyao’s legs cannot be cured.

But now, Xiao Tianyao’s legs were not only cured but also taking revenge. This event did not only gave a huge slap on his face but also made him the cause of others death.

If he won’t handle this thing clearly. He will not only lose his fame but also lose the connections with the sects.

Divine Doctor Mo walked out of the palace hall in a hurry. But while on the road, he met a small eunuch who came rushing to him. In irritation, he kicked the small eunuch away: “Move away!”

In order to show courtesy to Divine Doctor Mo, the Emperor had allowed him to freely leave and enter the palace. Divine Doctor Mo knows his place and situation. So, he never walks around the palace, nor leave the palace.

But this time, things were different, he has no other choice but to leave and rush outside the palace.

Divine Doctor Mo hurriedly went to the palace gate, the palace guard blocked his way. So, he has no choice but to take out the token that the emperor has given him: “This old man will go out.”

After the palace guards checked and verified the token, they no longer stopped Divine Doctor Mo.

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