Chapter 220: Went outside the palace, Xiao Zian is dying (Part 2)

Coincidentally, Divine Doctor Mo hasn’t left the palace for a long time, when a small eunuch from the Third Prince courtyard chase after him. The small eunuch was running out of breath, but when he saw the palace guards, he immediately asked: “Have you seen Divine Doctor Mo? Where is he?” He didn’t saw Divine Doctor Mo in the palace. Someone had said to him that Divine Doctor Mo walked towards the palace gate. So, he chased after him in a hurry.

“Divine Doctor Mo? That gray-haired old man with a white long beard?” Divine Doctor Mo’s identity was special in the palace. So, the palace guards can remember one or two of his appearance.

The small eunuch nodded his head quickly and said: “Yes, yes, that’s Divine Doctor Mo. Have you seen him?”

“He went outside the palace, about a quarter of an hour ago. He seems very anxious and was in a hurry. I’m afraid, you failed to catch up.” The palace guards kindly reminded the small eunuch. The small eunuch’s face changed: “Oh, this is bad!”

The small eunuch refused to take a break. He turned around and ran inside the palace. He hasn’t arrived inside the Third Prince’s room, but he shouted: “Imperial Concubine, Divine Doctor Mo, Divine Doctor Mo, he… …”

“Have you found Divine Doctor Mo?” Although Imperial Concubine Zhou has some suspicion, she has no other choice but to depend on Divine Doctor Mo. The palace also has a talented doctor, Imperial Doctor Qin, but he can’t cure the Third Prince’s disease.

The small eunuch busily shook his head: “Divine Doctor Mo went outside the palace. He left a quarter of an hour ago. He didn’t say where he will go. I failed to catch up.”

“He went outside the palace at this time?” Imperial Concubine Zhou‘s face changed. She couldn’t help but sneer, after hearing the small eunuch’s words.

Sure enough, Divine Doctor Mo wanted to pave a clear road for his daughter. He wanted to eradicate her and Xiao Zian.

If that was not the case, how can Xiao Zian’s condition suddenly become serious? And he left at this crucial moment?

If her son suddenly died, can she blame him when he was outside the palace?

“Zian… just wait, okay? Mother will not let something bad happen to you.” Imperial Concubine Zhou was using her son to fight for the Emperor’s favor, but she truly cares about him. With the Emperor’s favor for her, she can give birth to another son, but she didn’t do it.

For many years, Imperial Concubine Zhou has been guarding Xiao Zian, who was in a poor health. She never thought of giving up Xiao Zian, nor gave birth to another son.

“Get out of the way, this imperial concubine wants to see the emperor.” For her strong desire to save her son, Imperial Concubine Zhou erased the tears in her face and pulled out her hair accessories, making her appearance looks pitiful.

After the Emperor sent away Divine Doctor Mo, he didn’t call his palace ministers. He keeps thinking of a way on how he will give trouble to Xiao Tianyao.

Now that Xiao Tianyao’s legs were cured, his current advantages will not only disappear but will also put him at disadvantage.

He must find a way to reverse the situation, but… …

He hasn’t come up with a plan, when he heard Imperial Concubine Zhou‘s heartbreaking cry: “Huangshang, Huangshang… … I beg you, please save our son. Huangshang, this concubine begged you.”

“Imperial Concubine, you can’t go in. Imperial Concubine… … the palace harem is not allowed to enter the imperial court. Please, this slave asked Imperial Concubine to leave.” The Emperor’s eunuch stopped Imperial Concubine Zhou.

Imperial Concubine Zhou struggled to get inside, but she never really planned to cross the line. She just shouted and shouted: “I want to see the emperor, I want to see the emperor. Huangshang, Zian is dying… … I can’t help him. Let me see the emperor, even if it cost me my life, I have to get in and beg the emperor. Huangshang, please save my son… …”

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  1. Imperial Concubine Zhou is a kind mother. I admire her for the fact that she didn’t abandon her son..
    I really hope that they (she and prince zian) will not stray in the wrong path 💔💔😢😢

  2. Now its time to trap LC to come mo daughter playing her evil part too..great, just great..yhis is what you looking for right LC?

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