Chapter 221: The Emperor, this subject can’t do it (Part 1)

In the palace, because Divine Doctor Mo went outside, Third Prince Xiao Zian vomited blood and vomited the white and yellow thing once again. Because of this incident, the Emperor and Imperial Concubine Zhou rushed to the Qing Palace.

Just like before, inside Third Prince Xiao Zian’s bedroom, in addition to blood, there was a white and yellow liquid. Imperial Doctor Qin and the other doctors were surrounding Third Prince Xiao Zian. When they saw the Emperor and Imperial Concubine Zhou, they busily paid respect.

“How is Zian?” The Emperor eagerly asked, as his eyes swept over to Imperial Doctor Qin.

Imperial Doctor Qin kowtowed and said with frustration: “Answering back the emperor, this subject is incompetent.” In other words, he can’t cure Xiao Zian.

“Incompetent? You are the imperial doctor, how can you say such a thing? This imperial concubine orders you to immediately heal Third Prince Zian, do you understand? This imperial concubine orders you… …” Imperial Concubine Zhou said, then cried and cried again. She stumbled and leaned her body at the foot of the Emperor: “Huangshang, the imperial doctors has no way to save Zian, what should we do? Where is Divine Doctor Mo? How could he leave the palace at this time?”

“Immediately sent someone to find Divine Doctor Mo.” The emperor knows the reason why Divine Doctor Mo left the palace at this time. But, it doesn’t mean he can forgive him.

He told Divine Doctor Mo to inform those sects, but he didn’t say he can leave alone his son. Compared to his son’s life, are those robbers life much worthy?

“Yes.” The palace guard turned around and left the Qing Palace. His footsteps were fast, but this speed was not enough to find Divine Doctor Mo’s whereabouts immediately… …

At this time, the palace maid who was taking care Third Prince Xiao Zian shouted: “Third Prince, Third Prince’s nose is bleeding.”

Imperial Doctor Qin didn’t wait for the Emperor’s instruction, he quickly climbed up and went towards Third Prince Xiao Zian. Imperial Concubine Zhou also climbed up and rushed to the bed. However, as soon as she saw her son’s bloody appearance, Imperial Concubine Zhou stumbled again. She cried while saying: “Zian, Zian, don’t scare mother like this. Mother is a coward. Don’t scare me, don’t scare me… …”

“Imperial Concubine, please don’t be sad.” The palace maid came forward to persuade Imperial Concubine Zhou, but she was pushed: “Get away from me… …”

“Ahh…” The palace maid soft body fell at the foot of the emperor, her head slammed on the floor, and immediately bleed. But, no one looked at her. The Emperor called the palace guards and indifferent ordered to throw her out.

After diagnosing Third Prince Xiao Zian’s condition, Imperial Doctor Qin also gave him acupuncture treatment. Third Prince Xiao Zian’s bleeding stop, but it also slowed down the blood flow on his body.

“Huangshang, this subject is incompetent. Third Prince’s condition is much worse than before. I’m afraid, Third Prince will not last long. This subject doesn’t know what poison was used on the Third Prince’s body. This subject can’t make the remedy.” Imperial Doctor Qin knelled on the floor and said. His honest face was full of helplessness and remorse. But, he knows it very well, he can solve the poison in the Third Prince’s body, it’s just, he mustn’t solve it… …

This incident must continue until everyone completely become helpless. He will try his best to make their plan a success.

Only by doing this, the Emperor will not doubt him, and Imperial Concubine Zhou will remember his goodwill.

This venomous poison was the last hope of his master to destroy Divine Doctor Mo. His master was depending on him.

With this opportunity, he will also become the Emperor and Imperial Concubine Zhou’s only trusted confidant.

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 221: The Emperor, this subject can’t do it (Part 1)

  1. Now if someone would remind the emperor how Xiao wangye’s legs which were said to be incurable were cured by Chu Lian then he has no choice but summon her and beg her to cure him.

  2. Royal Palaces devour people. Specially oriental ones it seems by history and fiction. Probably the number of heirs is part of equation and in occidental royalty, that 3000 concubine number is not just inflated. Even if I was a Emperor and survived even a single plot in my childhood; I would desperately try to keep minimal number of women around (only exceptions to a very carefully selected empress would be pro-princesses) and sleep with even fewer.

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