Chapter 221: The Emperor, this subject can’t do it (Part 2)

When the Emperor heard Imperial Doctor Qin’s words, he coldly asked: “What? Divine Doctor Mo didn’t tell you what poison was used with the Third Prince?” The Emperor and Imperial Concubine Zhou knew that Divine Doctor Mo already found out what kind of poison was used to Xiao Zian: What is this? Didn’t he said he was looking for a cure?

Imperial Doctor Qin buried his head and carefully replied: “No.”

Usually, medical knowledge was only passed to a son, or to a disciple. And because he was not his disciple, naturally, it won’t be said to him.

But, Imperial Concubine Zhou doesn’t understand this kind of thing, so she angrily said: “How can he be so selfish? For his own merit, he can ignore Zian’s life? Why didn’t he tell it to the other doctors? Why did he go outside the palace without telling anything? If he utters even a single word, my son’s life will not get in danger.”

Although Imperial Concubine Zhou’s words were somewhat sounded arrogant, it also sounded reasonable. However, what was the use of it now?

The Emperor had an headache: “Imperial Doctor Qin, can’t you do something?”

“This, this subject is incompetent… …” Imperial Doctor Qin said with a heavy tone. Imperial Concubine Zhou tightly shut her mouth and suppressed her tears. She didn’t dare to cry.

The Emperor felt distressed and blamed himself. If he didn’t tell to Divine Doctor to rush outside the palace and inform those sects. Xiao Zian’s life will not get in danger.

With such thought in mind, the Emperor was somewhat dissatisfied with Divine Doctor Mo’s incompetence. He didn’t save Xiao Zian’s life first.

“Third Prince’s ears are bleeding!” A palace maid reported Xiao Zian’s condition. The Emperor knitted his eyebrows and said: “Imperial Doctor Qin, can’t you think of any solution in this?”

“This… subject will try his best.” Imperial Doctor Qin said with a trembling voice. Then, he performed acupuncture treatment once again. The Emperor and Imperial Concubine Zhou waited anxiously, and hope for some miracle to happen, but… …

All the golden needle on Imperial Doctor Qin’s hands were used, but the bleeding on Xiao Zian’s ears and nose didn’t stop.

Imperial Concubine Zhou suppress her tears and said: “Didn’t Divine Doctor Mo said that if seven holes from Zian’s body bleeds, he will die soon?”

Imperial Doctor Qin opened his mouth and added some oil: “In three hours, Third Prince Zian’s seven hole’s in the body will bleed.”

“Three hours? If we can’t find Divine Doctor Mo in three hours, my son will die. Huangshang… … my son will die.” Imperial Concubine Zhou said with a pale face. Obviously, she’s not only acting.

The Emperor was also shocked. “Imperial Doctor Qin, are you telling the truth?”

“This subject dared not lie.” Within three hours, if Divine Doctor Mo will not return, Xiao Zian will die.

“Damn it!” The Emperor cursed in anger and pointed his finger at Xiao Zian: “Zhen, zhen command you to save my son, you must ensure Zian can wait until Divine Doctor Mo returns.”


Imperial Doctor Qin kowtowed on the floor: “Huangshang, this subject… … can’t do it.”

The Emperor doesn’t care: “You can’t do it? Even if you can’t do it, you must do it! Otherwise, zhen will take your life.”

The Emperor was angry, that’s why he can speak those words. However, Imperial Doctor Qin doesn’t want to gamble his life.

“Huangshang, this subject has an unreasonable request, I don’t know if I should speak about it.” Imperial Doctor Qin said with a sad face.

“What do you want to say, speak…” The Emperor waved his sleeve and sat down on the chair to calm himself.

“Yes,” With the Emperor’s permission, Imperial Doctor Qin didn’t hesitate to speak: “This subject heard that Yu Meiren’s medical skills were superb and almost has comparable medical knowledge as Divine Doctor Mo. This subject wants to ask the Emperor to allow the beauty cure Third Prince Zian, together with subject.”

At the very crucial moment, Imperial Doctor Qin didn’t forget to pull Mo Yuer into the dark water… …


* Yu Meiren (Beauty) – address to Mo Yuer.

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