Chapter 222: Try out, into the palace (Part 1)

Within a day, the Emperor heard two people say that Mo Yuer has medical skills. Divine Doctor Mo said that she had ordinary medical skills, and her knowledge was only a little. But right now, Imperial Doctor Qin said that she has superb medical skills. Which person should he believe in?

The Emperor looked at Imperial Doctor Qin but didn’t give an answer.

Imperial Doctor Qin lowered his head, so he couldn’t see the Emperor’s facial expression. However, he was kneeling steadily and seemed unaffected by the Emperor’s pressure.

Imperial Concubine Zhou saw that the Emperor doesn’t want to agree. Seeing this, she thinks that the Emperor must have feelings for Mo Yuer, that’s why he couldn’t bear to let get involve in this matter. So, she couldn’t help but hate Mo Yuer even more.

“Huangshang, can’t you see Zian’s condition? Why are you refusing Imperial Doctor Qin’s request? Yu Meiren is Divine Doctor Mo’s daughter. Even if she only learned one-tenth of Divine Doctor Mo’s medical knowledge, her skills were still more comparable than these ordinary doctors.” Imperial Concubine Zhou added more beautiful words under Mo Yuer’s name.

The Emperor didn’t immediately agree but said: “Divine Doctor Mo said that his daughter only learned a little. Because she’s not interested in medicine.”

But, how can Imperial Doctor Qin let Mo Yuer escape? So, he added: “Divine Doctor Mo is too modest. Before, when this subject entered the Xiao Wangfu, I had witness Yu Meiren‘s medical Skill. Yu Meiren‘s medical skills are much higher than this subject.”

“Are you sure?” The Emperor suspicion rose again.

Imperial Doctor Qin firmly nodded his head: “This subject is sure.”

The Emperor no longer hesitated, “Summon Yu Meiren into the Qin Palace.”

“This slave will obey.” The Emperor’s eunuch turned and went outside. After a quarter of an hour, the poker-faced eunuch returned.

The beautiful Mo Yuer naturally appeared, she was dressed in an aquatic blue noble dress. Her cold and proud face looks like a goddess from a snow mountain. Her proud attitude doesn’t seem put anyone into her eyes.

However, in just a few months of staying in the palace, Mo Yuer’s temperament seemed became more and more cold. Her black eyes have no trace of emotions. Her whole body has no trace of warmth at all.

When Mo Yuer entered the room, there was no smile on her face. Her knees were also stiff when she paid her respect: “Long live the Emperor.”

“You may rise, my beloved imperial concubine.” The Emperor was quite interested in Mo Yuer.

Such arrogant and proud beauty, become soft like a seawater under his body. So, who wouldn’t feel an extreme joy? Not to mention, he felt an extreme ecstasy.

“Thank you, huangshang,” Mo Yuer got up and said, but she didn’t show any emotion to the Emperor’s words. She just stood there like an outsider.

This arrogance attracts the Emperor’s attention more. However, just because the Emperor was attracted to her, doesn’t mean the emperor will disregard Third Prince Xiao Zian’s life.

The Emperor’s majestically open his mouth and spoke: “My beloved imperial concubine, Imperial Doctor Qin said that your medical skills are superb, your father also said you know some medical skills. Third Prince Zian is now seriously ill, your father went outside the palace. At this moment, zhen can’t find anyone to help the Third Prince.  Zhen is desperately requesting your assistance to save Third Prince Zian.”

“Huangshang,” Mo Yuer kneel straight as if she didn’t feel no pain at all: “I was disgusted with medicine since young. How could I compare with my father? I asked the emperor to take back his request.”

Mo Yuer didn’t have a chance to speak with her father in advance. But,… … on the day she became the emperor’s woman, her heart has died.

The person whose heart has died doesn’t have any care for her life and death. So, why does she need to care about the other’s life?

They want her to save the emperor son’s life? They must be dreaming!

“Really?” The Emperor apparently doesn’t believe in her words. He leaned forward his body to put a pressure on Mo Yuer, but her expression didn’t change. She still knelt there emotionless: “My beloved imperial concubine… … don’t you dare deceived zhen.”

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