Chapter 224: Disputes, The Imperial Guard came (Part 1)

Wrapped with a big towel, a white smoke suddenly came out from Lin Chujiu’s hair!

“I…” Let go!

Lin Chujiu was shocked: Is this the legendary thing called internal energy?

Isn’t it too extravagant to use it as a hair dryer?

Lin Chujiu’s eyes were sparkling. If Xiao Tianyao was not an arrogant man, her eyes might turn into a star, and she might shout: Great hero, please accept me as your disciple!

It’s just… …

Xiao Tianyao enjoyed Lin Chujiu’s worshiping eyes. He slightly increased the energy in his hand, so that the water will dry faster. A moment later, Lin Chujiu’s hair was dry.

Under Lin Chujiu’s worshiping eyes, Xiao Tianyao slowly removed the towel and threw it over to Lin Chujiu’s body: “In the future, remember to dry your hair.”

At this time, Lin Chujiu had no time to pay attention to Xiao Tianyao’s words. She reached out her hand and touched her long hair that had dried up in an instant. And then, she worshiped Xiao Tianyao again.

People might not know this, but her hair was very long and thick. Usually, she spent at least half an hour to dry her hair. But, with Xiao Tianyao, he only grabbed her hair and it dried?

This will save her a lot of time and effort, Xiao Tianyao’s strength has some use ah.

Great hero, during winter, can you please dry my hair every day?

Lin Chujiu looked at Xiao Tianyao with such intention, but she didn’t really dare to ask him about it… …

Xiao Tianyao saw Lin Chujiu looking at him, as if she wanted to say something, but she dared not to open her mouth. So, he took the initiative and asked: “What? Is there a problem?”

“None… …” Lin Chujiu dared not to say a word. When suddenly, the medical system reminded her again: Patient Xiao Zian is in critical condition, please give an immediate intervention.

Those words keep repeating again and again inside Lin Chujiu’s mind. Lin Chujiu wanted to ignore it, but instead, she bites her lips and cautiously looked at Xiao Tianya: “I have something to discuss with you.”

“What is it?” Xiao Tianyao looked at Lin Chujiu and saw her biting her lips again. He frowned and said: “Stop biting your lips.”

“I know.” Lin Chujiu knew that it’s painful. Seeing Xiao Tianyao was rather in a good mood, she repeated again: “I have something to say to you.”

“Speak… …” Xiao Tianyao pulled a chair and sat down opposite Lin Chujiu.

He originally wanted to sit on the bed. But, he could see that Lin Chujiu has been putting a guard against him. So, he had no choice but to sit a bit far from her.

“I really want to enter the palace,” As soon as Lin Chujiu’s words fell, Xiao Tianyao’s face become black. So, Lin Chujiu busily added: “I really have something important to do in there. It’s a matter of life and death.”

Xiao Tianyao doesn’t believe in it: “Don’t even think about it!”

“I’m not lying, after this, I’ll never enter the palace again.” Lin Chujiu stood up and begged: “Wangye, can’t you let me go this time? If you want, I’ll enter the palace as Lin Chujiu. I won’t enter the palace as Xiao Wangfei.”

“You don’t want to be Xiao Wangfei? Do you think that’s possible?” Xiao Tianyao coldly asked. Obviously, he was unhappy.

“It’s not that I don’t want to be Xiao Wangfei, but I really need to enter the palace. I must go in there today.” If it wasn’t for the medical system’s continuous reminder, she really doesn’t want to argue with Xiao Tianyao. But now, she has no other choice, she doesn’t want to accept another punishment.

“Benwang said no, so you can’t go.” Xiao Tianyao shook his head and added: “If you don’t believe it, you can try walking out of Xiao Wangfu. See if benwang will allow you.”

“I’m going out, you can’t stop me.” Lin Chujiu said and took a step forward to walk outside. Xiao Tianyao stretched out his hand and effortlessly pushed Lin Chujiu on the bed: “You’re so weak, but you dare challenge benwang?”

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  1. Thanks!! odio su sistema médico, está mal obligar al médico a trabajar, así… se imaginan que ella estuviera enferma o algo y el sistema médico le mandase a curar gente….
    Y… como cuando el valor de XW pasa a ser solo de un mero secador de pelo XD y él creyendo que es adorado jajajaja

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