Chapter 224: Disputes, The Imperial Guard came (Part 2)

Lin Chujiu was angry and annoyed. She got up from the bed and screamed: “Xiao Tianyao, can’t you say something reasonable? I really have something important to do in the palace.”

“You dared talk about reasonable things to benwang? All right, benwang will talk about reasonable things to you. Do you know the three obedience and four virtues of a good wife? If you know it, then speak about them to benwang one by one.” Xiao Tianyao casually and leisurely said, then tapped his finger to the table.

“So, we can’t really talk about it?” Lin Chujiu who had a sullen looked, sat on the bed without any spirit.

Xiao Tianyao still doesn’t want her to enter the palace, what should she do?

But the next moment,  Xiao Tianyao suddenly open his mouth and said: “Speak, why do you want to enter the palace?”

Lin Chujiu thought that Xiao Tianyao got interested, so her eyes lit up: “To save a person.”

“Save who?”

“His royal highness, Third Prince Xiao Zian.” Lin Chujiu was not sure if Xiao Tianyao will stop her from saving the emperor’s son or not. But, if she won’t tell him, she will never really had a chance to enter the palace.

“How can you think of saving him? Why are you so anxious to save him?” Lin Chujiu argued with him twice just because of Xiao Zian’s illness. Is this only just a coincidence?

Isn’t this as if he was asking her to explain?

Lin Chujiu couldn’t explain it at all. So, she only bitterly said: “I really don’t know how to explain it. Last time, I checked his condition, I’m afraid his illness get worse, so I wanted to try curing him.”

“Hmm…” Xiao Tianyao looked at Lin Chuji with a mockery: “Do you think if you speak convincing words, benwang will let you enter the palace and save the third prince?”

Lin Chujiu’s face paled, but she said firmly: “I don’t care about your political position. I am a doctor. I only want to do what I should do.”

“Just like that day, when you cured and bandages those group of people that came to assassinate you?” Xiao Tianyao said with a trace of ridicule. His eyes also have undisguised irony.

“I am a doctor.” Lin Chujiu wanted to bang her head on the wall. She knew that her words were not convincing, but, but… …

How will she explain the existence of the medical system?

Xiao Tianyao will definitely not believe her… … he might even think she was a demon or a witch.

Xiao Tianyao knew that Lin Chujiu was lying. So, he didn’t force her to speak anymore. He got up and said: “Benwang doesn’t need your explanation, nor want you to enter the palace.”

“No, I… …” Lin Chujiu got up, but she just took two step forward, when an invincible forced her back.

“Don’t force benwang to interrupt your legs and keep you in this room forever.” Xiao Tianyao turned around and said with a gentle tone.

But,  Lin Chujiu’s back felt cold. However, when she saw Xiao Tianyao went outside, Lin Chujiu hurriedly got up, wanting to stop him. But suddenly, she heard Housekeeper Cao’s voice outside the house: “Wangye, Imperial Guard Hu came with an imperial edict, asking Wangfei to immediately enter the palace.”

Imperial Guard Hu? The emperor wants to grab benwang’s people?” Xiao Tianyao kicked open the door and strode out.

Lin Chujiu busily tried to catch up, but she heard Xiao Tianyao said: “Look after Wangfei, don’t let her go out.”


“No… … Xiao Tianyao, you can’t do this. Just let me go to the palace.” Lin Chujiu was not Xiao Tianyao’s opponent, but Xiao Wangfu’s guardsmen didn’t dare to hurt her. So, Lin Chujiu rushed outside. The guardsmen stop her, but Lin Chujiu directly took shots.

It’s just a simple self-defense technique, but because it was an unexpected move. The guardsmen didn’t notice it. The next moment, the guardsmen were holding their crotch and shouting in pain… …

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    1. I have rallied for the same petition many chapters ago but sadly we are stuck with Xiao Tianyao till the end. Still hoping she could leave him and be free to what she wishes rather than be controlled by that overbearing-only-in-name husband 😡. Fighting Chujiu!!

  1. 《Patient needing treatment, Gaurd #24 is suffering from a ruptured testicle.》
    “Damnit! I know! I was the one who did it!!!”

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