Chapter 226: Doubts, Natural genius (Part 1)

Before they left the palace, the emperor didn’t remind them to seal their mouth. So at this moment, when Lin Chujiu asked, they didn’t hide anything: “Replying to Xiao Wangfei, Third Prince was seriously ill. Huangshang learned that Xiao Wangfei’s medical skills are extraordinary. Huangshang asking Xiao Wangfei to enter the palace and rescue the prince.”

“I heard about the Third Prince’s illness. But, how did the emperor heard I have medical skills? Who said that news?” The medical system keeps reminding Lin Chujiu, but she doesn’t want to stop her acting yet.

At this time, if she eagerly enters the palace, she will only raise the emperor’s suspicion.

“It’s Divine Doctor Mo and Yu Meiren. They said that they had witnessed Xiao Wangfei saved the people’s lives. They also said Xiao Wangfei cured Xiao Wangye’s legs. Without Xiao Wangfei, Xiao Wangye cannot be cured. Third Prince also has the same disease. If Xiao Wangfei can cure Xiao Wangye’s legs, Xiao Wangfei can definitely cure the Third Prince’s disease.”

Imperial Guard Hu’s words were full of praises, but hiding a lot of traps. However, when Lin Chujiu heard them, she didn’t get panic, she even said with surprised: “Wangye, your legs was only cured by me? Isn’t it because of Divine Doctor Mo’s hard work?”

“Mmm.” Xiao Tianyao answered. But, he actually can’t understand what he said.

Lin Chujiu didn’t show any care, she only showed self-concerned: “Divine Doctor Mo is really a generous man, saying that someone like me is an extraordinary doctor. Divine Doctor Mo is famous in the four countries, such a praise deserved him more. But as for me… …It was only a false reputation, he looked to highly of me.”

Lin Chujiu’s words were obviously like pouring dirty water on Divine Doctor Mo’s head. But, whether it was true or not, people can’t judge it.

The imperial guards looked at each face with inexplicable meaning… …

What does Xiao Wangfei mean?

How can they not understand it?

Was it a positive or negative remark?

Was the meaning too shallow or too deep?

Imperial Guard Hu doesn’t know what words to pick up to reply.

After Lin Chujiu finished her words, she added: “I and Yu Meiren can be considered as old friends. Since she was eager to see me and recommended me to the emperor, I will naturally go to the palace.” Obviously, she was also eager to enter the palace, but in order to safely enter in there, Lin Chujiu said it was for the sake of Mo Yuer. Other people will think that the two of them had a good relationship with this.

Xiao Tianyao only looked and said nothing, but there was a smile on his lips that never fade.

Lin Chujiu is a clever person!

“Come, someone gets me my medicine box.” Lin Chujiu shouted loudly. Xiao Wangfu’s guardsmen came in and looked at Xiao Tianyao. Once they saw Xiao Tianyao nodded his head, they rushed to help Lin Chujiu.

Lin Chujiu’s lips slightly twitched, but she didn’t say a word. She had long understood that her words don’t matter in Xiao Wangfu. Even a bit earlier, if she didn’t say it was for their Wangye’s safety, Housekeeper Cao won’t believe in her.

Lin Chujiu lived far from the front yard. So, even though Xiao Wangfu’s guardsmen run in a hurry. The Imperial Guards still waited two-quarter of an hour. Imperial Guard Hu even suspected that Lin Chujiu deliberately causing difficulties to her people.

However, Lin Chujiu was actually deliberately causing difficulties. Because it would be more strange if she hurriedly went out with them.

When the two guardsmen came with the medicine box, Lin Chujiu looked at the imperial guards: “Is there a sedan chair? If there is, put my things in there. But, be careful, don’t break any of them.”

“Yes.” The imperial guards were in the site of Xiao Wangfu, so they didn’t dare to act rough. Lin Chujiu’s request was reasonable, so they didn’t dare to say no.

Four imperial guards took the medicine box, while the 32 imperial guards still waited in the hall.

Lin Chujiu didn’t let Imperial Guard Hu remind her, she stood up, but she didn’t rush to go. Instead, she faced Xiao Tianyao: “Wangye, can you come to the palace with me? I’m scared to go there alone.”

Xiao Tianyao frowned, and looked at Lin Chujiu with an inexplicable expression: Didn’t he just said to Housekeeper Cao to tell Imperial Guard Hu that he will also enter the palace? So, what is this play Lin Chujiu was singing?

Lin Chujiu blinked her eyes and said silently: Housekeeper Cao didn’t say anything!

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