Chapter 226: Doubts, Natural genius (Part 2)

A bit earlier, Lin Chujiu ordered someone to stop Housekeeper Cao. She didn’t let Housekeeper Cao report to Imperial Guard Hu, that Xiao Tianyao will enter the palace. So that, he cannot send a news in advance, which can bring them unnecessary trouble.

Xiao Tianyao was not afraid of trouble, but she is!

After delaying Xiao Zian’s treatment for quite some time, the medical system might punish her again.

Lin Chujiu said that she was afraid, but there was no fear on her face. Even Imperial Guard Hu could see that it was a fake!

Xiao Tianyao didn’t say anything, but Lin Chujiu was not discouraged. She continued to say: “Wangye, please go with me, Third Prince is your nephew. You are also concerned about him, right?”

Another series of reminders from the medical system came out again. Lin Chujiu was about to curse.

Reminder, reminder, reminder, reminder!

Don’t you know System, that this is not the modern time?

Don’t you know that Xiao Zian is the emperor’s son?

Lin Chujiu doesn’t know if the medical system wanted to save Xiao Zian or bring her trouble. Was it difficult to understand that treating Xiao Zian immediately may arouse the emperor’s suspicion?

“Wangye, please accompany me to the palace. I’m really scared. Last time, when I entered the palace, I was almost blocked by the Crown Prince. If I go to the palace this time, what should I do if If he stops me again? What will the emperor think of me?” Lin Chujiu thickened her face and publicly confessed.

Xiao Tianyao’s face blackens but didn’t say anything.

The Imperial Guards bowed their head one by one, but in fact, they were laughing.

It turned out that this ruthless Xiao Wangye was only a paper tiger in front of Xiao Wangfei!

Sure enough, every great hero can be tamed by a beauty!

Their trip in Xiao Wangfu was indeed full of worth. He should let the emperor know that Xiao Wangye valued Xiao Wangfei. Things will become very fun after this.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t say anything. But this time, it wasn’t intentional. He was scared of Lin Chujiu. He really didn’t expect that Lin Chujiu will not only stopped his order but also publicly act spoiled in front of him and other people, this really… …

Gave him a shocking surprised.

Lin Chujiu saw Xiao Tianyao still not moving, so she said with full of grievances: “Wangye,… … don’t you really want to go with me? You know that I just recently learned medicine. If something bad happens, and you’re not with me, what should I do?”

As if Lin Chujiu wanted to say directly: I can’t do it without you.

Imperial Guard Hu got confused. Originally, he thought Lin Chujiu wanted to take Xiao Tianyao with her to boost her courage. Also with this, if Lin Chujiu really cured the Third Prince disease, Xiao Tianyao will love her more. But now, why does he felt like Xiao Wangye will be the doctor and Xiao Wangfei was only a disciple?

Imperial Guard Hu admitted that this couple was both cunning. He almost felt dizzy.

But, what made him felt dizzier was, Xiao Tianyao actually agreed: “Go!”

After getting up and walking outside together with Lin Chujiu. Imperial Guard Hu and his men quickly followed.

When Housekeeper Cao saw Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu came out, he busily hides.

Xiao Wangye also want to enter the palace? What is going on?

Imperial Guard Hu admitted that his brain was not capable enough to understand this event.

Xiao Wangye hated entering the palace. To be more precise, Xiao Wangye hated seeing the emperor. At ordinary times, when the emperor wanted to see Xiao Tianyao, he will invite him again and again. But, Xiao Wangye will always push aside the emperor’s intention. But now, just because Xiao Wangfei requested it, or even if because he was worried about her safety, Xiao Tianyao doesn’t need to enter the palace.

“I am completely confused.” Imperial Guard Hu’s suspicion rose again: Perhaps, the extraordinary doctor was Xiao Wangye and not Xiao Wangfei, right?

Xiao Tianyao, the God of War, an excellent military strategist and martial artist, a natural genius. With those qualities, he wouldn’t be surprised if he also has excellent medical skills. But with Lin Chujiu, a famous brainless woman suddenly become an extraordinary doctor and also cured Xiao Wangye’s legs? That was really strange. 

Imperial Guard Hu shook his head and sighed, but still, he quietly sent news that Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chujiu will enter the palace in advance. When the emperor received the news, his heart was enveloped in anger. If he learned this thing more advance, he might be able to arrange an assassination plan. But now, he’s afraid that it was too late… …

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