Chapter 227: Striving for favor, trouble lies ahead (Part 2)

Originally, because she took the initiative to enter Xiao Wangfu, she provoked Lin Furen’s anger. She was punished, so she stayed honestly inside the house. But now, she was very dissatisfied with her mother: “Why? Why didn’t you let me marry Xiao Wangye?”

“Mother, this is all your fault, you ruined my future.”

“I hate you, I hate you…”

Lin Furen was hit hard with her daughter words, and she almost fainted.

This was her daughter, her daughter that she took good care for 15 years!

No need to mention other families. Because even the palace people fly like a chicken and bark like a dog.

When the Empress heard that Third Prince Xiao Zian was in danger, and Divine Doctor Mo was absent from the palace. The situation becomes urgent. As a mother of the country, she should come and visit. But in order to express her concerned and care to the third prince more, she took the Crown Prince and the seventh prince with her.

Originally, the Empress, the Crown Prince and the Seventh Prince were so shocked when they heard the unbelievable news that Lin Chujiu will cure Xiao Zian. But now, they even heard that Xiao Wangye will accompany her in the palace. The mother and sons face was naturally full of shocked.

In the end, the Crown Prince couldn’t absorb the news, he asks: “Imperial Uncle’s legs were cured?”

The Crown Prince didn’t receive any news about Xiao Tianyao before. But it seems, the Empress and the Seventh Prince were aware. Because they were less shocked than him.

Even after his words fell, the imperial hall stayed silent. No one answered his question. The Crown Prince felt embarrassed, but he stood silently in the same place. Only the Seventh Prince bother to show care to him: “Imperial Brother, if Imperial Uncle’s legs were not good, can he enter the palace?” 

“Little Seven is right.” The Crown Prince said to escape his embarrassing situation.

But, when his words just fell, he heard the emperor said: “Your Imperial Uncle’s legs were cured by his Wangfei.”

Everyone can’t understand what the emperor was saying. But once they heard it, the Empress, the Seventh Prince, particularly the Crown Prince was obviously shocked: “Lin Chujiu? How could she… …” Words with full of disdain come out, one after another from his mouth.

The Seventh Prince was also shocked, but he didn’t show it on the surface of his face. Because he was still young. However, right after the Crown Prince finished his words, he kneels on the floor and said: “Imperial Father, please forgive Imperial Brother’s nasty words. Imperial brother didn’t mean to call Imperial Aunt’s name directly.”

When the Crown Prince heard this, his face became pale and he busily kneels down for his crime.

“Get up, zhen knows you have a clean heart.” The Emperor generously forgave the Crown Prince. In just one glance, it could be seen that the Emperor loves and value him. But, even with his little brain, he can be a bit smarter. He knows that he doesn’t really exist in his father’s eyes.

The Empress lowered her eyes to cover her bitterness. The Emperor could not only see the Crown Prince but also rejected her little seven.

The Seventh Prince knew that the Emperor didn’t like him, but he doesn’t care. So, after he stood up, he said: “Imperial Father, Imperial Aunt can heal Imperial Uncle’s legs. She’ll definitely be able to cure third brother’s legs. Imperial Father doesn’t need to worry about anything, Third Brother will definitely get better.”

In order to prove his words, the Seventh Prince said those words with a serious face and his small hands were clenched into a fist. He looked like trying to cheer the Emperor.

The Emperor’s heart soften. He waved his hand toward the Seventh Prince and lovingly said: “Little Seven, come closer to Imperial Father.”

This was a big favor from heaven!

At this moment, although she looked calm like the Empress. Imperial Concubine Zhou was gritting her white teeth. The Crown Prince was also bitterly looking at the Seventh Prince. Were they being used by the Seventh Prince?

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