Chapter 229: I can help, To clear people (Part 1)

Mo Yuer was not willing to go!

“Huangshang, my father is Divine Doctor Mo, who is famous in the four countries. Although I’m not interested in medicine and only learned a bit. I can stay and help. I’m asking Huangshang to let me stay.” Mo Yuer insisted on staying. She also lowered her eyes to cover her real intention.

Mo Yuer thought that she perfectly concealed her intention. But, she forgot that everyone present was a human being. Who wouldn’t sense that she has feelings for Xiao Tianyao? Especially, the Emperor.

Seeing Mo Yuer walking to Xiao Tianyao’s side, the Emperor had guessed what’s on her mind. The Emperor couldn’t help but get angry. Mo Yuer actually refuted his words? The Emperor couldn’t help but sneer with this.

“What can you do to help?” Although he listened to her advice and summoned Lin Chujiu into the palace. Mo Yuer and Divine Doctor Mo’s words were not similar.

So, compared to this father and daughter, he was more convinced with Imperial Doctor Qin’s words.

“I grew up with my father since childhood, my eyes and ears were dyed with medical knowledge. Although I learned only a bit, I can identify if there was a problem.” Mo Yuer as if saying: I wanted to stay and monitor Lin Chujiu.

At this moment, Lin Chujiu had to endure this sinister plot.

Mo Yuer still considered herself the daughter of the famous Divine Doctor Mo?

Wrong, she was now the Yu Meiren of the Emperor’s harem. So, what kind of play does she think playing with her?

“Yu Meiren’s has a big tone, this Wangfei received an order to cure the Third Prince. But, what about you? What qualifications do you have to stay?” Lin Chujiu said, her tone was not warm nor cold. But, everyone could sense she was angry.

“I just want to do my best for the Third Prince.” Mo Yuer opened her mouth and put herself to the highest peak of morality, to defend her behavior. But, what she didn’t know was, she completely angered Imperial Concubine Zhou.

“Yu Meiren, what do you think your relationship to my son, that you needed to dedicate your heart? If you really have the heart, why don’t you tell to your father that he shouldn’t have left the palace without a word? And if it wasn’t for your father, how can my son ended up in this situation?” Imperial Concubine Zhou can tolerate her son being used as a stepping stone once or twice. But, why should she endure Mo Yuer using her son? Who was she?

A woman who lived everywhere wanted to step on her son? She must be dreaming!

Mo Yuer’s face became pale: “Imperial Concubine, I was doing it out of kindness. My father’s sudden act was an accident. But, during these days, he wholeheartedly treated the Third Prince.”

“My son was getting sicker and sicker with the wholehearted treatment of your father! Didn’t my son can only live for a few hours more?” Imperial Concubine Zhou sharply rebutted Mo Yuer’s words. Mo Yuer didn’t speak, but her face was full of righteous expression. So, who wouldn’t get angry?

“Well, that’s enough.” The Emperor interrupted and said to Imperial Concubine Zhou: “Yu Meiren has a good intention, just let her… …” The Emperor hasn’t finished his words, but Xiao Tianyao interrupted him: “Huangshang, if your woman was capable enough, then let her be the doctor. Benwang and his Wangfei will not delay the Third Prince’s treatment anymore.” 

As soon as his words fell, Xiao Tianyao pulled away Lin Chujiu. Imperial Concubine Zhou quickly reacted and pulled Lin Chujiu’s other hand: “Xiao Wangye, Xiao Wangfei, please don’t go. I beg you, please save my son.” Imperial Concubine Zhou turned her head and looked at the Emperor with teary eyes: “Huangshang, if Yu Meiren really has the skills to help, she wouldn’t recommend Xiao Wangfei. Huangshang, right now, the most important thing is to save Zian’s life.” Her son’s life was now in danger, but they still dared to make calculations?

Imperial Concubine Zhou’s words undoubtedly made the Emperor speechless. Unfortunately, Xiao Tianyao also added: “Huangshang, benwang hates to see an irrelevant woman in the vicinity. Besides, Yu Meiren is your concubine. She is not suitable to stay.”

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