Chapter 23: Ruthless hands and tough enemies

Speaking of tonight’s incident, the green man and the black man’s face look very embarrassed… …

“Tonight’s incident is all my fault. I didn’t found out their plan sooner.”The black man bows his head and his face flushed.

He is a proud and confident man, but he admits his mistakes. He’s job is not really easy and tonight’s incident is a proof. But still, he can’t tolerate denying his mistakes.

Xiao Tianyao looked at his eyes, but he didn’t blame him. Instead, he changes the topic: “Is Divine Doctor Mo safe?”

“Divine Doctor Mo and his daughter are both safe. I brought them to the Xiao mansion near the Huan Mountain stream.” When the black man’s words finished, the green man frowned: “Liu Bai, do you know what you are doing? Xiao Mansion is Tianyao’s private house. How can you bring Divine Doctor Mo and his daughter in… …”

“I certainly know what I am doing. Divine Doctor Mo and his daughter are special guests. So, bringing them to the Xiao mansion near the Huan Mountain stream will keep them safe.” The black man named Liu Bai doesn’t think that his decision is wrong, but he secretly read Xiao Tianyao’s facial expression. 

Although Xiao Tianyao felt dissatisfied, he didn’t show it. And just let Liu Bai assign some people to protect Divine Doctor Mo and his daughter.

Wangye (Prince), rest assured. I already sent An Wei to secretly protect Divine Doctor Mo and his daughter,” Liu Bai’s tone is full of confidence.

An Wei’s actual role is to protect and monitor them. After all, Divine Doctor Mo and his daughter are still a stranger to them. So they still need to put a guard against them.

“Mmm.” Xiao Tianyao’s face shows satisfaction, then his eyes fell on the green robe man.

The green robe man took a breath and immediately came forward: “Both the inside and outside of the mansion is now clean. There was a total of 102 assassins and 8 spies from the palace. Those people don’t have a tattoo mark on their body, but their mouth is tightly sealed. So, we didn’t get any answer to our inquiries. There was a total of 300 archers from the outside. Aside from those who were able to escape we all catches them. All the arrows, bows and crossbow they used looks the same with the military.”

“What a big help.” Xiao Tianyao lightly hums and unconsciously tap his finger in the handrail.


Once he started tapping his finger, the atmosphere inside the study room turns dangerous. Liu Bai and the green robe man couldn’t help but feel their breath turn heavy.

Ever since they met and worked with him, they learn how to read his actions. And although Xiao Tianyao treated them more like his friends, they still only bow their heads when he is thinking.

Xiao Tianyao continues tapping his finger to the handrail and his eyes slightly got narrowed. No one knows what exactly he is thinking. But, no one dared to disturbed him. After a while, he stopped and look at them. Then said: “Liu Bai, go and protect Divine Doctor Mo yourself. Then, give him whatever may satisfy him.”

“Yes.” Liu Bai said in a soft tone. Then he steps out first when he’s sure that Xiao Tianyao doesn’t have any more command.

Inside the study room, it was now only Xiao Tianyao and the green robe man. Xiao Tianyao stayed silent for a moment, then said: “Su Cha… …” He only mentions his name but didn’t say anything.

Wangye (Prince), what’s wrong?” The green robe man named Su Cha took the initiative to asked.

“Hmm.” Xiao Tianyao didn’t try to hide his thoughts to Su Cha and said: “Benwang (This Prince) met a strange person.”

“Strange person?” Su Cha got puzzled, he made sure that both inside and outside of Prince Xiao’s Mansion is now safe and clean. So, it is very unlikely for a strange person to suddenly appear. Could it be… …

Su Cha’s eyes got wide open and look at Xiao Tianyao. However, Xiao Tianyao nodded his head and gave him a definite answer: “Lin Chujiu, the person that the emperor bestowed to be Benwang‘s (This Prince) wangfei (royal concubine).”

“Lin Chujiu? What’s wrong with her?” Su Cha got even more puzzled with Xiao Tianyao’s words.

Su Cha knows all the rumors about Lin Chujiu. And he had seen personally how arrogant the eldest miss of Lin Family is. So, Su Cha doesn’t think that there is something special about her.

Xiao Tianyao is not a talkative person, but he said Lin Chujiu is strange. So, maybe the rumors and the news they have gather is not the same. So… …

This evening, Xiao Tianyao said to Su Cha every move Lin Chujiu has made. Of course, except the things about Lin Chujiu had pressed him under her body.

He will keep such disgrace to himself.

“It seems Lin Chujiu is really strange. Does she think that the Lin Family is dangerous that’s why she deliberately hide her true nature?” Su Cha doesn’t know what to think aside from this reason.

“She was poisoned.” Xiao Tianyao’s wrinkled eyebrow made Su Cha look puzzled: “She have medical skills, but she was poisoned?”

“That’s why she’s strange.” Xiao Tianyao’s lips show a trace of a sneer. Su Cha knows that he was unhappy, so he quickly said: “Do you want me to keep an eye on her?”

Benwang (This Prince) himself will keep an eye on her.” He also wants to see, what else is she hiding.

“You need to be careful. If she has ulterior motives, don’t get too soft again.” Su Cha may look like a warm person, but in reality, he is a ruthless person. He believes that all dangerous person should be killed in the cradle.

“Mmm.” Lin Chujiu doesn’t exist in his eyes. If she became useless, he will push her aside just like a pet.

Su Cha nodded his head and no longer talk about her. Then, he asks about another business: “How do you want me to deal with those people?”

“Kill them all! Then sent those assassins corpse to Judicial Court. Those archers to the Privy Council. And those spies to Control Yuan tomorrow morning. Benwang (This Prince) wants all the people in the city to learn what happened tonight in my mansion.”

Su Cha knew that Xiao Tianyao also thinks that they won’t get any useful information to those people. So, Xiao Tianyao decided to deal with them cleanly.

But… …

“The emperor will get dissatisfied, right?” Su Cha’s face looks very concern. But, he knows how ruthless the emperor is and he knows that the emperor will only get happy when he sees Xiao Tianyao as a ghost.

“Dissatisfied?” Xiao Tianyao sneer, “When did he ever get satisfied with Benwang (This Prince)? As long as benwang (This Prince) is not dead, benwang (This Prince) will only do things that he won’t get satisfied.”

Back down?

If he didn’t retire on his own, can the emperor easily get his military power?

If the emperor didn’t use his disability as a reason. How will he take away his military power?

As long as Xiao Tianyao won’t completely let go, the emperor could only sigh in front of the reports.

For his brother’s sake, he didn’t dig out much about his plot and just let him took away his military power. But, what was the result?

His brother was still unsatisfied. He didn’t only send out a discarded woman to humiliate him, but now he even used assassins… …

Actually, he did not only wanted to kill Xiao Tianyao, but also to see if he still crippled and paralyzed!

Xiao Tianyao’s eyes flash a trace of killing intent. Even Su Cha had senses his cold eyes and could only quietly sigh inside his heart… …

The emperor is actually a very lucky person because Xiao Tianyao doesn’t have the ambition to sit on the throne. But, why he still repeatedly go against him?

To prepare for something? But, which emperor wouldn’t like his brother gaining power? As an emperor, he shouldn’t be so ruthless and ruined the lives of others. And because of the emperor’s actions, if he didn’t counterattack, then he is not Xiao Tianyao… …

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  1. Heck.. being an emperor is a burden. They will always fear for their lifes and be lonely as they think everyone around them are capable to stab them from the back.

  2. ugh i really dont like this male lead. he’s a complete jerk. if he doesnt improve his behavior soon, i might have to drop this series 🙁 i can’t stand guys who treat their wives/gf badly… “discard like a pet” my butt. she should just leave and become a divine doctor herself. and i bet this doctor’s daughter has a crush on him or some nonsense. the more i type the more annoyed i’m getting.

    1. Well, it’s up to you. He’s still understandable though for me. They just met that one night. So, its not strange for me. I don’t like mc’s (male or female) who easily falls in love or get interested with the opposite sex. You can read novels with less than 100 chapters so that things will move fast.

      1. What’s understandable about a guy who thinks he’s the shit and oh so superior just because he’s terrible, terrifying, and the most able murder around? Most importantly he killed an innocent person just because he felt humiliated. How low base can his reason be, even the stepmother seems reasonable compared to him. I wonder why that is so understandable to you. I can’t stand the guy and if I did not have nothing else to do and that I also liked the female lead I would have dropped it way earlier.

    2. Well I think its understandable that he views her as someone unnecessary, w/ the emperor like that who sends assassins to kill him,and the MC’s past its reasonable for him to be suspicious of anyone (except his allies) I just hope he’ll be nice to our mc in the next chapters to come

    3. Yes! I wish there were novels where the girl can just up and leave to make a name for herself. The guy is such a douche!!!

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