Chapter 230: Buddha, Can become a Buddha (Part 2)

Lin Chujiu waited for a long while more. After two-quarters of an hour, Imperial Doctor Qin, who was stinking said: “Third Prince’s poison was now cured. This subject will leave the rest to Xiao Wangfei.” He can’t cure all the Third Prince’s disease. Even if Xiao Wangye cut off his hand, he can’t do anything else.

Xiao Tianyao patted Lin Chujiu’s shoulder and said: “Go and checked Zian. If you can’t do it, there is Imperial Doctor Qin.” Xiao Tianyao didn’t let go of Imperial Doctor Qin.

At this time, Lin Chujiu noticed that something was wrong. But, she smiled to Imperial Doctor Qin and took her medicine box. Then, she took out her stethoscope… …

“What is that?” Imperial Doctor Qin was a doctor, but he couldn’t help but be curious.

“A stethoscope,” Lin Chujiu said and briefly talked about the principle and its use. When She saw Imperial Doctor Qin seems eager to try it, Lin Chujiu ask: “Do you want to try?”

“No, no…” Imperial Doctor Qin refused, the two of them have a different position. It’s better not to have close contact.

Lin Chujiu didn’t care about Imperial Doctor Qin’s rejection. She only concentrated on treating Xiao Zian.

Third Prince Xiao Zian’s heartbeat was slow. His temperature was lower than a normal person. He has slight chest tightness and asthma, but… … Overall, there was not much problem with his body!

Lin Chujiu almost cried with this result!

“How is it? You can’t diagnose his disease?” Xiao Tianyao saw Lin Chujiu was in a low spirit. At that moment, he knew that Lin Chujiu couldn’t do anything.

Fortunately, Lin Chujiu was not omnipotent, otherwise… …

He will suspect that Lin Chujiu was a monster.

“Third Prince is not sick.” Lin Chujiu looked at Xiao Tianyao with dismay.

Lin Chujiu didn’t think she was wrong. After all, it was the result of the medical system. The medical system diagnosed that Xiao Zian was not sick.

“But, he was often ill.” Xiao Tianyao specifically emphasized the word “ill”.

Lin Chujiu nodded her head, while in a deep thought. Then, suddenly she boldly guessed: “Is his body was under something unknown, or perhaps something was suppressing his health?”

“You’re smart!” Xiao Tianyao said with amazement: “If you can think far as this, you are not any lesser to a real medical doctor.”

“Do you know what is it?” Lin Chujiu’s eyes brightened, but then, she shook her head again and again: “No, no, you must have known it long ago.”

“Hmph…” Xiao Tianyao snorted. “Why do you think benwang know it long ago?” Who was Xiao Zian?

“But, you do really know, right?” Lin Chujiu doesn’t know if Xiao Tianyao really knows it or just don’t want to speak.

“Mmm.” It was not a big deal. So, what’s unusual if he knows?

Seeing Xiao Tianyao know something, Lin Chujiu came forward and asked: “Wangye, what’s wrong with the Third Prince’s legs?”

“Why should benwang tell you?” Xiao Tianyao was very proud. He didn’t even look at Lin Chujiu.

Lin Chujiu was not angry. She walked around in a circle and said: “You entered the palace with me because you knew I can’t do anything alone, right?”

“Benwang was afraid that if you enter the palace alone, you will throw away his face.” This sentimental woman, self-proclaimed he was worried about her?

“Thank you, Wangye for your concerned.” Lin Chujiu thanked Xiao Tianyao, then said: “Wangye, can you tell me how to cure the third prince? Saving a life is more meritorious than building a seven-floor pagoda.”

“When benwang put down his sword, he can become a Buddha.” So, why do he need to build a seven-floor pagoda?

“Wangye… …” Lin Chujiu suffered a great loss. She was so embarrassed. How will she continue to communicate with this man?

“You should pity me and save my life.” Lin Chujiu know Xiao Tianyao doesn’t have any care about Xiao Zian’s life. Otherwise, why did he let him suffer for so many years?

“Reassured, even if Zian died, you will not die. No one will dare to make a move on you.” If the Emperor will dare to turn upside down the palace for Xiao Zian’s death, then he will also dare to tear his face. He doesn’t mind seeing the Emperor’s face become more ugly… …

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  1. So it’s look like emperor is really retarded if for so many years didnt’know anything about his own son even if someone else could find even solution because I don’t think tha XTY could personally see what is happened with XZ and if someone another know it’s like there was no secret.

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