Chapter 232: Ashamed, be careful of the Empress (Part 2)

“Mmm, Imperial Father will take you to see your third brother.” The Emperor took the Seventh Prince’s hand and walked forward. After passing by Xiao Tianyao, the smile on the Emperor’s face got stiff. He looked at him with a condescending look.

Xiao Tianyao removed his eyes and didn’t look at the emperor. Instead, he looked at the Seventh Prince, who was being dragged away by the Emperor: He had such talent and ambition at a young age.

The Seventh Prince seemed got aware of the atmosphere. His face got stiff for a moment, but also quickly returned to normal. He looked up and said: “Imperial Uncle, Imperial Aunt is amazing, can I play with her later?”

After seeing the Seventh Prince’s talent, Xiao Tianyao doesn’t want Lin Chujiu to have much contact with him: “Your Aunt is busy.”

“Oh… …” The Seventh Prince was lost in words, he couldn’t say since when Lin Chujiu become busy?

The Emperor only had affection for the Seventh Prince for a moment, so he didn’t put his words to his heart. But suddenly, he had thought of something, so he turned to look at Xiao Tianyao: “Your Wangfei saved my son. I will not treat her badly. I will give her a reward.”

After thinking for a moment, the Emperor thought giving Lin Chujiu a few beautiful men as her disciples seemed to be a good choice.

The Emperor was calculating in his heart. He wanted to destroy the trust between Xiao Tianyao and Lin Chu. But suddenly, he heard Xiao Tianyao’s loud voice: “No need. Zian is my nephew. You don’t need to give her a reward.”

His words were not a sign for discussion, but rather a notification. No matter what the Emperor will reward Lin Chujiu, he will not accept it.

“Are you refusing on behalf of your Wangfei?” The Emperor keeps asking Xiao Tianyao, than Lin Chujiu.

Lin Chujiu didn’t wait for Xiao Tianyao to speak again. She said: “Huangshang, that is not what Wangye means to say. I am a little tired. Huangshang, if there’s nothing else, we will go back first.”

Lin Chujiu’s face was pale, she looked really tired. The Emperor still wanted to hold them inside the palace, but he will look inhumane. So, although he has dissatisfaction inside his heart, the Emperor said: “You may leave.”

“Thank you, Huangshang.” Lin Chujiu bend her knees a little and bowed her head. Then, she retreated to the side to let them enter the room.

When the Empress passed by Lin Chujiu, she took a glanced at her with deep thoughts. The Crown Prince couldn’t hide his hatred, he glared at Lin Chujiu. But the result was, Xiao Tianyao coldly snorted at him. The Crown Prince was so scared, so he took back his eyes and no longer dare to look. 

The last person passed by was Imperial Concubine Zhou. No matter what happened before, she was really thankful to Lin Chujiu at this moment: “Chujiu, thank you so much. If it weren’t for you, I would really lose my son.” 

“Imperial Concubine’s words were heavy. I just did what I should do.” Lin Chujiu couldn’t afford to accept her thanks.

If it wasn’t for the medical system, she wouldn’t go to the palace at all. If it wasn’t for Xiao Tianyao’s help, she wouldn’t have the ability to heal Xiao Zi’an’s disease. Additionally, they helped Xiao Zian to continue to live so that Divine Doctor Mo no longer need to take care of him.

“You are too modest, I and Zian will always remember your kindness.” This was in the palace, Imperial Concubine Zhou also said a lot more, so she only patted Lin Chujiu’s hand, before she hurriedly walked away.

However, before she left, she said with a sound that only the two of them could hear. She quickly said: Be careful of the Empress!

Lin Chujiu acted like she didn’t hear anything, her face remained unchanged. After Imperial Concubine Zhou left, she turned around and followed Xiao Tianyao to walked outside… …

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