Chapter 233: Give up, Comfort (Part 1)

Lin Chujiu took the medicine box and struggled to walk outside. The palace servants had seen it, but… …

Xiao Tianyao was there, they were afraid of death. So, they didn’t dare to go forward and help Lin Chujiu. The palace servants can only sympathize with Lin Chujiu silently and looked down.

Lin Chujiu walked slowly along the road. She was very worried at this time, so she didn’t find the medicine box was heavy. She knew Xiao Tianyao was displeased, so she could only follow.

All the way out of the palace, Xiao Tianyao didn’t look back at Lin Chujiu, even once. Not until the Xiao Wangfu’s carriage had come. Xiao Tianyao took the medicine box in Lin Chujiu’s hands. At that moment, he found out it was heavy. He wrinkled his eyebrows but didn’t say anything. He took the medicine box inside the carriage and sat down. 

Lin Chujiu stood like a wood in the same place and foolishly looked at the carriage. She was confused about their current situation.

“What are you doing? Do you want benwang to wait for you?” Xiao Tianyao’s voice came out of the carriage. And at the same time, he stretched out his hand.

This man… is really childish.

Lin Chujiu suddenly smiled and took Xiao Tianyao’s hand…

Xiao Tianyao’s hand was very big. There were old calluses in his palm and fingertips. In just one touch, she could tell. And also she found out, Xiao Tianyao’s hand was not as warm as ordinary people. 

Is it because Xiao Tianyao’s atmosphere was too cold?

Lin Chujiu was thinking about the possible answer. But, Xiao Tianyao quickly threw off her hand. As if she was something dirty.

Remembering how Xiao Tianyao helped her today, Lin Chujiu didn’t show any care about it!

Lin Chujiu took a deep breath and suppressed her impulse to swear. She got into the carriage and sat down opposite Xiao Tianyao.

The carriage was very large. The layout was very luxurious. The four corners have illuminated pearls. So even if the windows and door were closed, the light inside was just right.

There were two chairs in opposite directions. There were footstools below which made it more comfortable. In the middle, there was a small coffee table for teas and snacks.

Lin Chujiu was sitting on the right side. She wanted to lie down and sleep. Because she could stretch out her legs.

However, after she sat down, she noticed Xiao Tianyao has always been staring at her. She was a bit uncomfortable, but said: “Thank you for today.” If it wasn’t for his help, she really didn’t know what to do.

Whether it was the insect poison or the restriction of a Martial God, she doesn’t understand any of them.

“Don’t be too overconfident next time. You will not have a good luck all the time.” Xiao Tianyao’s eyes were cold, but his words were more poisonous than his eyes.

Lin Chujiu was depressed and couldn’t answer back. When she heard Xiao Tianyao’s words, she felt that her heart and lungs were suffocating.

Does he think she was too overconfident?

If it weren’t for that damn medical system, why would she repeatedly beg to cure Xiao Zian? She couldn’t even find out what was wrong with him when they first met, so she had given up.

Doctors were not gods. Doctors don’t have the ability to bring back one’s life. Xiao Zian’s disease has long been a mystery to doctors.

Seeing Lin Chujiu’s sullen face, Xiao Tianyao also knew his words were harsh. Lin Chujiu was very matured and sensible, but she was also just a young girl. She was undoubtedly lovely, but… …

It was impossible for Xiao Tianyao to apologize.

In order to break the unpleasant atmosphere between the two of them. Xiao Tianyao took out the chess board from the coffee table. “Do you play chess? Accompany benwang to play.” He will let Lin Chujiu take a few moves before he defeats her. He will not let her lose in an instant.

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    1. Hear hear! I now want LCJ to pretty much actually thrash him at chess but “let him win by making a few obviously planned lousy moves”

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