Chapter 234: Doubt, disobedience (Part 2)

Divine Doctor Mo overestimated Xiao Tianyao so much. He was in the palace, so he was late to bring out the news. Xiao Tianyao will never let go of anyone that grabbed his things and looked down on him when he was weak.

It’s not that Xiao Tianyao wanted to be the bad guy, but if he won’t use his hand, he might not be able to face the consequences. Those people will only beat him again and again. Thinking they were lucky.

Xiao Tianyao was not afraid of those people. But, not all the people under him could guard themselves. So, the best solution was to kill a hundred of his enemies. Let those people know they shouldn’t get so eager to make a move on him and just forget attacking him.


When Xiao Tianyao was asking Su Cha and Liu Bai about what was going on. The Emperor was also asking Imperial Doctor Qin who saved Xiao Zian in the end. Was it Lin Chujiu or Xiao Tianyao?

“Xiao Wangfei indeed have medical skills. Her acupuncture skills were no worst than Divine Doctor Mo. However, Xiao Wangfei only moves according to Xiao Wangye’s instructions.” Imperial Doctor Qin reported the things he saw, but as for the other?

He will take it to his grave.

If he let the Emperor learned that he cooperated with Xiao Wangye. The Emperor will definitely kill him.

This answer was equal to nothing. But, the Emperor believed Imperial Doctor Qin: “What did Xiao Wangfei say about the third prince’s illness?”

“Xiao Wangfei said that Third Prince’s illness was a man-made creation. Only those people who often had a contact with him can do this.” The only person who was beside Xiao Zian all the time was Divine Doctor Mo.

“You bring people to Divine Doctor Mo’s residence and search again.” Obviously, the Emperor was not under the influenced of Imperial Doctor Qin.

“This subject will obey.” Imperial Doctor Qin personally took his people to check Divine Doctor Mo’s residence. After half an hour, he reported back: “Nothing. Divine Doctor Mo’s residence was very clean.”

The Emperor’s suspicion wasn’t dispelled, but he couldn’t find any evidence. The Emperor couldn’t accept Divine Doctor Mo was innocent. He said: “Announced that Third Prince was now cured. Needless to say, was cured by Xiao Wangfei. As long as it will not sound it’s because of Divine Doctor Mo.”

“Yes.” Imperial Doctor Qin bowed down his head to cover the joy in his eyes.

After losing two times in a row and disregarding the patient’s life and death. He would like to see what will happen to Divine Doctor Mo’s reputation.

When Imperial Doctor Qin left, a hidden spy reported to the Emperor: “Huangshang, Divine Doctor Mo went to the Wind Cliff outside the capital. He seemed to be waiting for someone, but didn’t wait until the person arrives.”

Went to the Wind Cliff?

Didn’t he go outside the palace to send a message to the sects? Why did he go to the Wind Cliff?

The Emperor frowned his eyebrows. There was a disgust in his eyes, but he no longer asked anything related to it. He said: “Summoned Lin Xiang to see zhen.”

The matter regarding Divine Doctor was not urgent. He wanted to ask Lin Xiang today, how did he bring up his daughter in the end? How did his daughter learned medicine?

Just by remembering that he was the one who pushed Lin Chujiu to marry Xiao Tianyao. He couldn’t help but get angry.

It was more like he was hitting his own face.

After learning that Xiao Tianyao’s legs were cured. Lin Xiang was waiting for the Emperor to summon him into the palace. So, he wasn’t shocked to receive an invitation. He entered the palace immediately with the eunuch.

“This minister come to see the emperor. Long Live the Emperor.” Lin Xiang kneel on the floor and gave warm greetings.

Usually, when the Emperor meet Lin Xiang in private. Lin Xiang no longer need to pay a warm greeting. But now, even after a long while, the Emperor hasn’t let him up. The Emperor was indeed angry this time.

The Emperor couldn’t conceal his disappointment in Lin Xiang and Lin Chujiu’s disobedience. This father and daughter treated him like a fool… …

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  1. “This father and daughter treated him like a fool… …”

    No worries, the audience is laughing at how much of a retard you are. If you’re not a fool, what else could you possibly be?

    Worthless Emperor. Instead of actually ruling the country, he spends all day plotting against Xiao Tianyao.

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