Chapter 235: Miscalculation, Chicken speaking with duck (Part 1)

After a column of incense… … two columns of incense, until a quarter of an hour had passed. Lin Xiang still didn’t hear the Emperor speak for him to get up. Lin Xiang’s hands and feet were already shaking, but he didn’t dare to move. He knew that the Emperor was very angry at this moment. But, he couldn’t understand why he was angry at him?

Is it because Xiao Wangye’s legs are now cured?

If that was the case, after he paid respect, even if the Emperor was angry, he will tell him to get up. After all, Xiao Wangye’s condition has nothing to do with him.

*Plop, plop.*

The sweat on Lin Xiang’s forehead fell one by one. And the more he used his brain the more he felt confused. He didn’t do anything recently. The Emperor had no reason to direct his anger at him.

Lin Xiang was frightened and scared. However, while he was thinking his previous activity, the Emperor spoke: “Lin Headmaster, do you know your sin?!”

He called his name differently. The Emperor was not hiding his anger. This kind of action of the Emperor, Lin Xiang feared the most. Because the Emperor destroy an official every time he acts like this.

“Huangshang, this minister, this minister doesn’t know…” Lin Xiang kept himself awake. His mind kept spinning, trying to open a path for himself, but… …

Don’t think that he was stupid. He can’t think of countermeasures because he doesn’t know the reason why the Emperor was angry at him.

The Emperor didn’t want to swindle Lin Xiang, he said in a timely manner: “You don’t know… you don’t teach your daughter. You provoked Xiao Wangye’s dissatisfaction, but you still dared to deny it!”

Was it Wanting?

Did Xiao Wangye complain?

Lin Xiang was so ashamed and constantly kowtowed: “Huangshang please pardon this minister. The reason why Wanting went to Xiao Wangfu, was because she was worried about Xiao Wangfei. She has no other intention. This minister asking the emperor to check.”

“What are you talking about?” The Emperor has dissatisfied looked in his face. He couldn’t understand what Lin Xiang was talking about.


Lin Xiang was very confused, he looked up and ask: “Huangshang, aren’t you asking about Wanting, visiting the Xiao Wangfu?”

“What Wanting? Zhen is asking you about Lin Chujiu’s medical skills.” The Emperor was extremely dissatisfied with Lin Xiang’s behavior, but…

Lin Xiang was stupefied: “Chujiu has medical skills, how is that possible?” Who did she learn it from? With ghost?

“You don’t know?” Lin Xiang’s reaction was very natural. He seemed not lying.

Lin Xiang was even more confused, he didn’t believe it: “Chujiu has medical skills, to whom did she learned it?”

“I also want to know.” When the Emperor saw Lin Xiang’s reaction. He knew he wouldn’t get anything from his mouth. Lin Xiang knowledge was even less than him.

Lin Xiang now knows why the Emperor was angry at him. He was scared, so he busily kowtowed: “Huangshang, this minister doesn’t know, this minister was ignorant. This minister didn’t know she was practicing medicine. If this minister knows, I will not let her marry in Xiao Wangfu even in death. This minister is asking the emperor to understand… …”

Lin Xiang climbed up from his current position using his brain. So, from the word’s of the Emperor, he understood he couldn’t separate himself from this issue because of Lin Chujiu.

He’s almost dead.

“Huangshang, Chujiu didn’t want to marry Xiao Wangye at that time. And in order for that not to happened, she almost killed her herself. But after she married in the Xiao Wangfu, this minister no longer know what happened to her.” Lin Xiang’s face was covered with blood. His tears and blood stick to his face. He looked so miserable.

In order to refuse her marriage, Lin Chujiu almost took her life. The Emperor certainly know that case. If it weren’t for him, Lin Chujiu will not marry Xiao Tianyao. But, he didn’t expect, after marrying in Xiao Wangfu, Lin Chujiu will completely changed.

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  1. Prime Minister’s a fool. He had two “useless” daughters. Once loves Xiao Tianyao, one hates him. Why didn’t he just switch the two daughters in the first place? Does it matter which one he sent?

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