Chapter 236: Enter the palace, living experiment (Part 1)

When Chunxi and Qiuxi came in, they saw Lin Chujiu staring at the bed sheets in a daze. The two maidservants knew what Lin Chujiu was thinking, but… …

This kind of thing shouldn’t be mentioned, otherwise, they will be killed. Not to mention, they also participated in this matter.

The two maidservants quietly served Lin Chujiu to wash and eat breakfast. Seeing Lin Chujiu eating her meal in a daze, the two maidservants worried that Lin Chujiu might become crazy. So, they advised her to walked outside the yard.

Lin Chujiu’s courtyard only has a large lawn. Although there was no scenery to see, the place was very large. It can also distract a person’s mind when walking. Lin Chujiu felt that this proposal was good. She got up and walked outside, but she saw Housekeeper Cao rushing in.

Housekeeper Cao saw Lin Chujiu from afar, but he already opened his mouth and shouted: “Wangfei, the Emperor had summoned you to enter the palace.”

Enter the palace?

Lin Chujiu stopped walking and just stood to wait for Housekeeper Cao to come over.

Housekeeper Cao trotted all the way in front of Lin Chujiu. When he arrived, his forehead was full of sweat: “Wangfei, do you want this servant to make preparations?” Their Wangfei’s yard was very big, he felt exhausted.

“The emperor declared me to enter the palace, did something happened?” Imperial Doctor Qin cured Xiao Zian’s poison, it has nothing to do with her.

“It seems to be related to Divine Doctor Mo, this servant doesn’t know the specific reason.” While speaking Divine Doctor Mo’s name, Housekeeper Cao deeply sighed.

Lin Chujiu nodded her head and asked: “What did Wangye has said?”

“Wangye went outside.” If not, he wouldn’t rush to look for Lin Chujiu.

Now that Xiao Tianyao was gone, Lin Chujiu cannot refute the Emperor’s order. So, Lin Chujiu nodded her head: “Okay, I will change clothes first.”

This time, the Emperor invited Lin Chujiu to enter the palace in a kind manner. He didn’t send out the imperial guards to pick her up. He only sent a small number of palace guards to keep her safe. This shows that the Emperor still paid attention to Xiao Tianyao’s influence.

No matter how fierce the Emperor and Xiao Tianyao fight. The Emperor still give him a face, as the Eastern Country, God of War.

But as for Xiao Tianyao?

Lin Chujiu didn’t see him acted like a civil and military official under the heavens. She didn’t see him treated the Emperor highly. Xiao Tianyao didn’t give the Emperor a face.


The road was long, Lin Chujiu was sitting alone, but it’s a pity. Lin Chujiu was sitting in the Imperial Palace carriage right now. The carriage was not as comfortable as the carriage in Xiao Wangfu. There was no book, nor chess board to pass the time.

Even though she was bored, Lin Chujiu didn’t think much what was waiting for her in the palace. She knew very well that when she cured Xiao Tianyao’s legs. She was tied to Xiao Tianyao’s death. As long as Xiao Tinayao did not fall, as long as she didn’t deliberately commit a sin, the Emperor will not take her life. If Xiao Tianyao fall, even if she behaves, the Emperor will not leave her alone.

A group of people left with the carriage. Lin Chujiu was sleepy, so she looked for a comfortable position and sleep.

The road from Xiao Wangfu to the Imperial Palace was not short. Lin Chujiu slept sweetly until the carriage had stopped. When it stopped, she woke up.

“I can clearly feel that my vigilance is still there. So, why I can’t feel Xiao Tianyao?” Lin Chujiu inexplicably patted her cheeks. To make herself looked more spiritual.

“Xiao Wangfei, please…” Outside the carriage, the voice of the eunuch sounded.

Accompanied by this sentence, the carriage door was pulled open. Lin Chuji got up, and with the help of the eunuch, she stepped in the stool and got off the carriage. In the East Country, there was a small stool. It was not the same on the TV, were noble stepped on the back of a person.

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