Chapter 236: Enter the palace, living experiment (Part 2)

The eunuch walked sideways in front and led the way for Lin Chujiu. “Xiao Wangfei, the Emperor is waiting for you at the Qinghe Palace.”

“Let’s go.” Knowing that things were related to Xiao Zian, Lin Chujiu didn’t care much about it.

She knows Xiao Zian’s situation. He was not sick. As long as Imperial Doctor Qin takes good care of him, he can recover in three months time.

In the Qinghe Palace, the Emperor, Imperial Concubine Zhou, and Divine Doctor Mo were inside. When Lin Chujiu came in, she only paid respect to the Emperor. She ignored everyone else.

“No need for ceremony.” The Emperor said with a gentle face, then pointed his hand to an empty position. Indicating for Lin Chujiu to sit down.

“Thank you, Huangshang.” Lin Chujiu didn’t know how to be too polite. After she said her thanks, she directly sat down.

Inside the hall, only the Emperor was sitting. But now, Lin Chujiu was added.

Lin Chujiu didn’t learn anything about the situation, so she only sat down half of her butt. However, although she casually sat down in front of the Emperor, her actions were not rude.

The Emperor didn’t pay attention to such small matter. When the eunuch gave Lin Chujiu a cup of tea, the Emperor opened his mouth: “Xiao Wangfei, when Divine Doctor Mo came back and check the Third Prince, he couldn’t help but praise your medical skills. From Imperial Doctor Qin’s mouth, he learned that you only used silver needles and put pressure to Zian’s acupuncture points. Divine Doctor Mo couldn’t understand it. So today, zhen asked you to enter the palace. Zhen wanted to ask you what kind of acupuncture skills did you performed to the Third Prince. Divine Doctor Mo performed the same process to the other people, but why it only kills them?”

Divine Doctor Mo actually used a living person to do an experiment?

Lin Chujiu didn’t answer the Emperor questions. Instead, she looked at Divine Doctor Mo in horror. Her eyes ignored and neglected the Emperor and fell to a mere doctor.

Divine Doctor Mo frowned and asked: “Xiao Wangfei, does this old man had done something wrong?” He was proud and tall. And just like when he was in Xiao Wangfu, he was arrogant in front of Lin Chujiu.

Lin Chujiu who has a cold face, rudely asked: “Where do you think you’re right?”

“Xiao Wangfei, what do you mean? This old man can’t understand it.” Divine Doctor Mo’s eyebrows knitted even more. He seemed to be dissatisfied with Lin Chujiu’s slowness.

“You can’t understand such a simple question? I really doubt how you become a doctor. And I wonder how did you receive such a title ‘divine’ doctor?” At this moment, Divine Doctor Mo was wondering if Lin Chujiu or Xiao Tianyao was asking him?

What was she saying? Wasn’t he a remarkable doctor? Why can’t he be a doctor? Why can’t he use the word ‘divine doctor’?

Divine Doctor Mo’s face suddenly sank: “Xiao Wangfei, there are times you shouldn’t just indiscriminate a person. There were also some words you shouldn’t say.”

“I didn’t say any words that you couldn’t understand. Even an ordinary doctor can understand that, even if two patients have the same disease, the amount of medicine they should take might be different, due to the constitution of their body. Divine Doctor Mo practiced medicine for several years, but I don’t why you couldn’t understand it?”

“This old…” Divine Doctor Mo wanted to explain, but Lin Chujiu didn’t give him a chance. Instead, she increased the volume of her voice and continued: “Just like what you did to Third Prince Xiao Zian, you experimented with the treatment on him, when he was not sick at all. Don’t you feel ashamed? Doctors should follow the medical ethics, not to experiment on living person.”

When Divine Doctor Mo saw Lin Chujiu’s accusation get more and more serious, he busily interrupted her: “Xiao Wangfei, you shouldn’t misunderstand this old man’s intention. This old man is doing this study to have a better treatment method. It will benefit more patient.”

This explanation was reasonable, but… …

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9 thoughts on “Chapter 236: Enter the palace, living experiment (Part 2)

  1. Well… the medical profession is built on a pile of corpses. Especially in a time where lives were thought of as grass. As much as I REALLY disagree with this… from this time period’s view point, he actually did nothing wrong. :S

      1. And also, DDM is not a martial god, so he’ll never succeed. He’s been treating the 3rd prince ever since he left xioa wangfu.😩

    1. Of course not. He loved the 3rd Prince very much. Its just, he was clueless in medicine, so he couldn’t tell. DDM is popular, who will question his treatment.

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