Chapter 238: Warning, The Empress’s invitation (Part 2)

The Empress put the towel on the side and warmly said: “They don’t look good now. But during winter, hundreds of flowers bloomed inside this garden house. It looks very beautiful. Bengong will take you to look at the potted flower that just bloomed the day before yesterday. The flower is very beautiful.”

After that, whether Lin Chujiu was willing or not. The Empress pulled Lin Chujiu closed to it: “In only two days of effort, this flower bloomed. The color looked extremely attractive.”

Lin Chujiu doesn’t understand flowers, but she knew that purple peony flowers were like treasures in the East. Lin Chujiu didn’t believe that the Empress asked her to come, just to simply look at the flowers.

That’s why she didn’t speak. She only listened quietly how the Empress praised the flowers.

And sure enough, after the Empress exaggeratedly praised her flowers, her topic changed: “This pot of purple peony completely surpassed bengong’s expectation. This pot of peony has been raised in this garden house for so many years, but never bloom a flower. Bengong thought it was useless, so a few days ago, bengong asked the gardener to discard it. However, the gardener reluctantly moved it back. Bengong didn’t expect that it bloomed a flower bud not long ago. The flower bloomed beautifully in just two days.”

The Empress said it was a flower, but how could Lin Chujiu not understand it? The Empress was definitely not talking about the purple peony, but her.

The previous Lin Chujiu has been sheltered by the Empress before. So, she was able to act arrogant in the Lin Family and in the capital. However, she hasn’t been able to pay back the Empress, but she was already branded as useless.

And after that, the Empress completely abandoned her by sending her to Xiao Wangfu. But, who would expect that she will become a blockbuster star? She did not only won Xiao Wangye’s favor but also cured the third prince’s disease.

The Empress was definitely dissatisfied with her!

Lin Chujiu smiled lightly, her face looked very calm. She acted like she didn’t understand the Empress’s words. She didn’t show any restless behavior.

The Empress also acted ignorantly. She asked the old mama to pass her the scissors and in front of Lin Chujiu, the Empress trimmed the leaves of the purple peony: “No matter how expensive this flower is, there were still some leaves or stems that will affect its beauty. So this time, we can’t miss to trimmed it.”

*Kacha, kacha.*

The Empress skillfully cut off a few branches and leaves, then handed the scissors to Lin Chujiu. “Chujiu, do you want to try it?”

“I don’t.” Lin Chujiu honestly rejected. As for what the Empress might think, Lin Chujiu couldn’t control it.

The Empress replied without hesitation: “There were things we have to learn for no apparent reason.”

The Empress continued to trim the pot of peony: “If you want this flower pot to take the shape you wanted, you must have enough patience to trim it. Bengong always had long patience. But… … once this potted plant took a bad shape, bengong won’t feel distressed in discarding it.”


The Empress cut off a big branch. When a “snap” sound was heard, the purple flower fell on Lin Chujiu’s feet. The flower petals were broken.

Lin Chujiu didn’t move, she just calmly looked at the flower on the ground, while silently laughing… …

“Ah look at me, bengong is getting older, my eyes were not as good as before.” The Empress calmly put down the scissors and reached out her hand to pick up the cut-off branch. The branch was not dropped on the ground, it was tossed without any care: “Unfortunately, this potted flower was off no use now.”

The Empress turned around and clean off the dust on her hands without any care.

Lin Chujiu’s facial expression remained unchanged, the smile on her face didn’t fade.

The Empress didn’t show any care, she smiled and said: “Chujiu, are you bored? You know… … there were very few young girls wanted to spend time with this empress.”

“It is my pleasure to be with the empress.” Lin Chujiu said insincerely.

“You child are very clever.” The Empress showed a very affectionate expression, but Lin Chujiu had a sweat on her forehead: “The time is late, bengong will not delay your departure. Someone come, send Xiao Wangfei out in the palace.”

After everything was said, if Lin Chujiu still couldn’t understand it, then… …

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