Chapter 240: Sympathy, Involvement (Part 1)

Lin Chujiu was just taking advantage of Xiao Tianyao’s disappearance. She went outside to looked around, but unexpectedly she encountered a major event.

20 years ago, the genius disciple, who fled from his sin suddenly appeared and accused Divine Doctor Mo of framing him, murdering him and taking away his wife.

This genius disciple of Divine Doctor Mo was the silver-haired old man. Not only did he complain in Judicial Court, but he also wrote a letter in a big piece of paper with blood. All the onlookers could clearly see it.

The official residence of Judicial Court was in the downtown area. There were not many people coming in and out during peacetime. However, today, who knows what happened, but a lot of people passed by. The silver-haired old man was soon surrounded by the people. Many people in the front keep pointing their finger here and there.

Most of the onlookers were ordinary people. They were illiterate, so they busily asked the people around them about the big letter. Some literate people help them to read it, but… …

“Can you make it simple? I can’t understand you.” Those who are illiterate can’t understand what they were saying.

“This old man was saying that the person who killed the Dean of Wenchang College 20 years ago was not him. 20 years ago, the Dean of Wenchang College was critically ill and asked Divine Doctor Mo for a treatment. He and Divine Doctor Mo went to the Meng Family. After diagnosing the illness, the two of them had different views on how they will treat Dean Meng. He proposes a slow method of treatment to naturally nourished back Dean Meng’s vitality. While, Divine Doctor Mo proposed to use the Tiger Wolf, to quickly stimulate Dean Meng’s vitality.” 

“The dispute between the master and disciple didn’t end in there. In order to prove that his method was feasible, the old man asked Divine Doctor Mo to wait for him. For this reason, he deliberately went to the Central Empire to look for medicines, but he accidentally found the Dragon Soul. He can’t wait to bring it back as soon as possible. But when he arrived, Dean Meng was already dead, and rumors said that Dean Meng died in his hand and he fled for this sin.”

He didn’t know what happened, he was skeptical. He didn’t dare to go directly to see Divine Doctor Mo. He went home to ask his wife if she knew what exactly happened. He didn’t know that his wife and Divine Doctor Mo has already colluded. His wife secretly gave him medicine and informed Divine Doctor Mo of his arrival.”

“Divine Doctor Mo did not only snatched his Dragon Soul but also threw him into the pack of wolves. If he didn’t bring the life-saving pill he bought in the Central Empire, he would have died under those wolves. But in the end, he still became a waste.”

After this explanation of the scholar, the silver-haired old man lifted up his trousers and revealed his legs made of hardwood.

The next moment, the onlookers understood that the old man’s thighs were abolished. He just used two pieces of hardwood to served as his legs. When the old man removed the two hardwood, he looked like a wooden block sitting on the wheelchair.

People always sympathize with the weak. And with his old age, they become more sympathetic. Everyone believed the old man’s words with three points.

In addition to his bloodletter, the old man took out another bloodletter. This blood letter has dark blood, it can be seen that it was written long ago.

This another blood letter didn’t speak about his innocence but was filled with Divine Doctor Mo’s crime for all these years.

Studying the human body of a living person; Testing drugs to a living person; Using human’s blood to enhance the effect of the medicine; Snatching the disciple’s fruits of hard work… … Crime after another crime was written, but very difficult to read.

Every year, countless ordinary people died under Divine Doctor Mo’s hand. Divine Doctor Mo only treat those people who can pay for his medical treatment. Occasionally, he treats ordinary people, but only to try his newly invented medicine… …

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