Chapter 240: Sympathy, Involvement (Part 2)

The reason why Divine Doctor Mo’s reputation was so high, is because there were always new prescriptions coming out. But, it was exchanged for a life.

The first blood letter aroused the sympathy of the onlookers after reading it. However, the later blood letter completely aroused the anger of the people in the vicinity.

In their eyes, Divine Doctor treated ordinary people like ants. But, did he forget that ants can kill an elephant? How many ordinary people does he think were there under the sun? How many people does he think he had offended with this kind of behavior?

“What a heartache! This kind of person, even if he has good medical skills, he shouldn’t stay in our place.”

“We should slap his face a million times. It’s only a tragedy to keep such a doctor.”

“In order to improve his reputation, he took ordinary people’s life as nothing. How can such a person still live?”

Among the crowd, someone suddenly speaks: “I heard only one woman was seen beside Divine Doctor Mo, and now he has a beautiful daughter. I wonder if that woman was his disciple’s wife?”

When this statement came out, it immediately attracted many arguments. “As a master, he has no morality. He’s not worthy to be even called a human!”

“Like father, like daughter. Divine Doctor Mo is not a good person, his daughter is not much better.”


The more the onlooker’s talk, the more they became angry. When the officials of the Judicial Court came, the people’s anger was already static. They could no longer suppress them.

When the Judicial Officer heard that someone sued Divine Doctor Mo, he didn’t want to pick up the case. But when he heard that it was related to the Dean of Wenchang College, he rushed outside, wanting to suppress the news. He didn’t want the people to continue talking about it. 

The Judicial Officer decisively ordered his people to collect the bloodletters, detained the silver-haired old man, and expel away the people.

But somehow, the onlookers today refused to leave. Some of them even shouted: “Daren, you must solve this case in public. We will listen to it.”

“Daren, when will be the hearing of this case? Can we come and listen?”

“Daren, we will definitely tell this news to the Wenchang College and Meng family. We are asking you to be fair to the dead.”

When the Judicial Officer heard those words, he felt like his head was getting big as a cow’s head. He also knew that this case was not small and insignificant. He had to guarantee to the people that the government will handle this case fair and square, even if the other party was the famous Divine Doctor Mo.

After giving a word, the onlookers gradually dispersed. But they gathered in a two or three group and still discussed things about Divine Doctor Mo.

Lin Chujiu was sitting in the carriage. In just one glance, she could tell that only half of the crowd was ordinary people. The other half was pre-arranged. The purpose was to make things big and to deal with Divine Doctor Mo. 

Wenchang College has a long history and popular. It recruits disciples all over the four countries, but they don’t belong in any country. They were an independent group.

The students of Wenchang College had never joined a country’s dispute, they only concentrate on their studies. Wenchang College has produced many Confucian scholars. Many of these disciples have been directly taken away by the Central Empire. So, they have a very good relationship with them.

Because of this, the four countries were particularly courteous to the Wenchang College. And the disciples of Wenchang College were highly respected in various countries. With Divine Doctor Mo’s involvement to the death of the Dean of Wenchang College. It was very impossible to close an eye to this case.

When the Judicial Officer got the bloodletters, he hurriedly went to the palace. He reported the matter to the Emperor. And asked the Emperor to decide… …

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  1. Dr. Mo was an evil man but I remember that this ex disciple had schemed against dr. Mo and almost killed /harm XTY then LCJ sacrificed herself and saved XTY. This old man pitiful but not innocent.

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