Chapter 242: Coincidence, The divine situation (Part 1)

The Emperor also wanted to know why the Meng family suddenly appeared in the Capital of the East: Who was manipulating the scene?

The Emperor suspected at first that this matter regarding Divine Doctor Mo was Xiao Tianyao’s doing. So, the Meng Family’s sudden visit was naturally also his doing, but… …

The Emperor’s hidden spy showed an investigation report that Xiao Tianyao has nothing to do with it. Divine Doctor Mo’s disciple had a little relationship with Xiao Tianyao. But, the Meng Family’s sudden appearance has nothing to do with him.

The Hidden Spy also reported the reason why the Meng Family came to the East Country. The Meng Family came to the east to look for Divine Doctor Mo to cure the young master of Meng Family, Meng Xiuyuan. But as a result, when they entered the capital, they heard that the person who killed Dean Meng was actually Divine Doctor Mo.

The Meng family was so angry to the point that they no longer wanted to see Divine Doctor Mo. And instead, they went straight to the palace to ask the Emperor to confront the issue.

And so, the scene before happened. The Meng Family visited the Emperor.

However, the Emperor simply couldn’t accept this answer to his question. He doesn’t believe that there was such a coincidence.

“Re-check it!” The emperor threw all the information that the hidden spy had investigated.

A few thin sheets of paper fell on the floor, but at this time, the paper looks very heavy. The hidden spy buried his head low until he heard the Emperor said: “Get out!”. The hidden spy withdrew himself very fast.

Earlier, the Emperor had promised to the Judicial Officer that he will send Divine Doctor Mo to the Judicial Court, so naturally, he couldn’t break this promise. However, before that happens, he needed to ask Divine Doctor Mo first, if those things were true.

At this moment, Divine Doctor Mo didn’t know what was going on outside. So, he didn’t think much about the reason why the Emperor had summoned him. He was even planning that when the Emperor finishes his speech, he will say goodbye to the Emperor.

Third Prince Xiao Zian’s body was now in a good condition. He no longer needs to stay. Moreover, ever since he received a note from his disciple, his mind keeps recalling unpleasant things from time to time.

Under the guidance of the eunuch, Divine Doctor Mo walked into the imperial hall and greeted the emperor: “Huangshang.”

This was also to show the courtesy of the emperor, Divine Doctor Mo doesn’t need to kneel in front of him.

The Emperor looked at Divine Doctor Mo, but his face doesn’t have a trace of joy or anger. He only raised a rolled report: “Divine Doctor Mo, this is the report zhen had received, look at it yourself.”

The eunuch stepped forward, took the rolled report with both hands and brought it in front of Divine Doctor Mo. Divine Doctor Mo’s heart jumped out, he felt uneasy when he saw the rolled report. And when he opened it, his face has greatly changed… …

“This, this… how is this possible?” That devil didn’t die? He clearly saw him devoured by the wolves, and was dragged away. So, why he didn’t die?

The more Divine Doctor Mo read the report, the more his face became pale and bloodless. He even fell on the floor and shivered: “Huangshang, huangshang… …”

“Divine Doctor Mo, just say, are those accusations were true or not?” The Emperor said lightly, he didn’t pay attention to Divine Doctor Mo’s embarrassment.

Divine Doctor Mo’s medical skills were really excellent. So, even if Divine Doctor Mo has flaws and he intends to give him up, he was still planning to raise him, but… …

Seems things were not working according to his plan!

If those allegations were true, Divine Doctor Mo who was an excellent doctor could no longer stay.

Divine Doctor Mo did not only offended ordinary people, but also the Meng Family of Wenchang College. If the Wenchang College’s student all over the countries learned he was defending Divine Doctor Mo, those students will necessarily think that he was the mastermind in killing Dean Meng. He will be cast aside by the whole world.

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