Chapter 242: Coincidence, The divine situation (Part 2)

“The above, the above… …” Divine Doctor Mo’s sight went dim. His white hair has scattered. He completely lost his elegant demeanor.

Seeing Divine Doctor Mo’s appearance, the Emperor knew at once that the allegations were true. This fear was enough as an answer.

The Emperor didn’t mind Divine Doctor Mo’s poor character. As long as Divine Doctor Mo has enough strength, he could offend any people who shouldn’t be offended. But… …

“You… you don’t have to say it, I understand.” The Emperor sighed with a bit of regret. “If you just use the person to try your medicine, zhen will not blame you. But now, you could no longer hide Dean Meng’s death. The Meng Family of Wenchang College is already in the capital, they want to confront you regarding these accusations.”

Divine Doctor Mo’s pupil constricts, he gritted his teeth and said: “Huangshang, this is a conspiracy! A conspiracy! Someone is deliberately framing me. Someone wanted to harm me. The Meng Family of Wenchang College visit was very timely.”

“Even if someone is framing you, are the above allegations were false?” The Emperor looked at Divine Doctor Mo coldly. His eyes were full of disgust.

It was too funny enough to do bad things with your own hands. Leaving such a big danger on yourself. But, he was even blaming other people for using this matter against him? That was simply funny.

“Huangshang, the thing that year was an accident.” Divine Doctor Mo wanted the Emperor to save him, but… …

After living so proud for many years, he really couldn’t open his mouth.

“Even if it was an accident or a coincidence. Zhen can’t save you now. Once this case is verified, you will no longer be the famous doctor in the four countries.” If Divine Doctor Mo can’t prove his innocence, can’t prove that he didn’t do those things, then… … 

Divine Doctor Mo will surely be discredited. No one will come out and speak for him.

Divine Doctor Mo looked very dispirited, he could only close his eyes weakly: “I… … I understand.”

Divine Doctor Mo was trembling while climbing up from the floor. With his last dignity, he bowed with a closed fist and said: “Huangshang, all I did in this life, was to have my own medical records. This medical record was still thin, but I’m afraid I can no longer continue. Now, I want to dedicate this medical book to the emperor. I hope Huangshang can spread out this knowledge.”

Divine Doctor Mo then took out a small book on his arm. This was the collection of his studies.

He hopes this medical book can give his daughter a peaceful life in the future.

The eunuch took it and carefully presented it to the emperor. The emperor turned over several pages. After confirming that it was a medical book written by him, he said: “You can reassure, even if you committed a big crime, Zhen will keep her safe and let her live with richness.”

“Thank you, Huang Shang, may you live a thousand more times.” Divine Doctor Mo was originally looking for his daughter asylum before he dies. But now, she also has a benevolent status.

The Emperor obviously did not want to make things big. He quietly sent out Divine Doctor Mo in the evening without alarming anyone. Mo Yuer didn’t know what was happening outside, let alone that her father was taken away. 


At the same time, Xiao Tianyao entered the capital. He was dressed in a red brocade and he was riding a shiny warhorse. So even from afar, the officers defending the capital’s gate knew that it was Xiao Wangye.

“Hurry, move to the side. Xiao Wangye will enter the capital! Hurry move to the side!” The officer sent out a command, making the people lining up move to the sides and give way to Xiao Tianyao.

Regarding this thing, the officers don’t need to say much. When the people who were lining up heard that Xiao Wangye will enter the capital. They immediately give way.

No one dared to block the road. Xiao Tianyao didn’t stay long, his horse immediately passed by the gate and disappeared in the blink of an eye. People with sharp eyes could only see a flashing figure. And only people with high martial arts skill saw Xiao Wangye something bulging in his arms… …

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