Chapter 245: Won’t accept, Wangye was very busy (Part 2)

Su Cha still wanted to insist, but Liu Bai opened his mouth first: “Wangfei has said she doesn’t need our help, so what else is there to do.” What Liu Bai said was true, but… …

Listening to it, he didn’t want to put it inside his heart.


When Su Cha entered the study room, he found out that the atmosphere was strange. So, he didn’t dare to take a step forward, he let Liu Bai took a step forward first.

Liu Bai’s brain was slower than Su Cha, so before he could react, he had already walked ahead.

“Is there something?” When Xiao Tianyao saw the two of them, his anger didn’t ease a bit.

Liu Bai’s eyes swept to the ice in the corner of the table. So, he guessed that Xiao Tianyao’s dissatisfaction must be related to Lin Chujiu, but… …

Even if he guessed it right, what can he do?

“Yes, there is … something. Jing Chi failed to catch the Young Master of Weihai Escort and so they run away.” Liu Bai really wanted to cry. Every time he needs to report a bad news, Xiao Tianyao was in a bad mood.

“Useless!” Sure enough, Xiao Tianyao was even more upset when he heard the news. “Send someone to look for them. Benwang doesn’t want to hear any accidents.”

If they will not remove the roots of the weeds, it will only grow back in the spring again.

“Yes.” In addition to reporting the case, Liu Bai doesn’t know what else to say: “What should I do with Jing Chi?”

Xiao Tianyao didn’t give an answer, but asked: “How did Jing Chi fail?”

“It is said that Jing Chi received a letter from his younger brother Tang Tang. Tang Tang said he got lost on his way and will wait for Jing Chi to save him. Jing Chi had to drop the matter regarding Young Master Hai and go find his younger brother.” Liu Bai was very embarrassed to report this case.

Outside the capital, there was a small forest, but Tang Tang got lost. This was simply wonderful.

“This is the second time.” Xiao Tianyao was very unhappy. Although the tragedy last time happened because Lin Chujiu left early. It was also because Jing Chi failed to appear in time.

Tell Jing Chi, he owes benwang again. If there will be a third time, he will fail to be an assassin in the future.”

“I will tell Jing Chi.” As for how angry Jing Chi will be, it was something he doesn’t need to think about: “Aside from the Young Master of Weihai Escort, everything was handled well. A lot of things have been recovered.” 

It was their common practice to report the bad news first, and then the good news. However, Xiao Tianyao didn’t get happy when he heard the good news. He only said: “Arrange someone to send them back right away.”

“Yes.” Liu Bai answered and step back. He then let Su Cha took a step forward.

Su Cha’s report was related to Divine Doctor Mo’s case: “I’ve already publicized Divine Doctor Mo’s case. Soon, the four countries will learn his wrongdoing. In addition, we also found the valley where Divine Doctor Mo doing his experiment in Southern Country. It will be exposed at any moment.”

Now that Xiao Tianyao took a shot, how can Divine Doctor Mo still get a chance to turn over everything? Now, even if the Emperor let him go, he can no longer have a foothold in any place of the four countries.

“Regarding about Meng Family of Wenchang College appearing in the capital. According to the information, it was indeed an accident. Meng Family’s young master was born aphasia, many doctors have looked at his case but failed.”

Because of the death of Dean Meng, the Meng family was very unhappy with Divine Doctor Mo. Dean Meng’s son, even said at that time that they will never seek Divine Doctor Mo and his disciple’s help again. But this time, because of his son’s illness, he was ready to bow down his head and seek Divine Doctor Mo’s medical advice.

So after hearing that Divine Doctor Mo was in the capital of the East, Meng Daren brought his son personally to seek Divine Doctor Mo’s medical advice. But, he didn’t expect he will hear such a news as soon as he entered the capital. Meng Daren was extremely angry and went straight to the palace… …

His plan in seeking medical advice naturally disappeared… …

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