Chapter 249: Wangye, paying more attention to a lover than friends (Part 2)

“This…official is stupid, this official asks huangshang’s forgiveness.” The Ministry of War Official pleaded for mercy, but the Emperor didn’t pay attention to him. The Emperor let his eunuch call the left and right prime ministers, Ministry of Revenue Official, Control Yuan into the palace to discuss the issue.

Xiao Tianyao looked at the guards who were rushing outside the palace. His lips were smiling, but this smile didn’t reach his eyes.

He will make the emperor pay his accounts one by one.


Back in Xiao Wangfu, the first thing Xiao Tianyao asked was: “Did Wangfei looked for benwang?” After a night, that stupid woman should finally understand the effect of the cold fruit. 

If she didn’t come to thank him, he will choke her to death!

“Yes, Wangfei came and looked for Wangye. But when Wangfei learned Wangye was in the palace, Wangfei went to the injured guards.” Housekeeper Cao quickly followed behind Xiao Tianyao and reported Lin Chujiu’s movements one by one.

Seeing that Xiao Tianyao was still expressionless, Housekeeper Cao, who was uncertain about Xiao Tianyao’s thought, boldly ask: “Wangye, do you want this old slave to ask Wangfei to come over?”

Housekeeper Cao wanted to please Xiao Tianyao, but he didn’t expect he will refused: “No need.” He will wait for that stupid woman to come and find him herself.

Su Cha has long been waiting for Xiao Tianyao in the study room. So when he heard footsteps outside, he took the initiative to open the door, because he knew it was Xiao Tianyao.

Xiao Tianyao came inside. Housekeeper Cao knew they will discuss something important, so he busily left.

Su Cha closed the door and looked at Xiao Tianyao, who was sitting at the back of the desk. With a solemn looked, he said: “Wangye, Doctor Wu had an accident in there.”

“Speak…” Xiao Tianyao knitted his eyebrows, obviously, he was dissatisfied.

“The new batch of medicine has been mixed with poison. It was already late when they discovered it.” After he finished, Su Cha immediately bowed his head, he didn’t dare to look at Xiao Tianyao’s face.

“You ask benwang to stop, but you didn’t stop. Sure enough… … you wanted to keep the throne that bad.” Xiao Tianyao put his hands on the armrests and slightly leaned his back. His face was full of disdain.

“Wangye, what do we do now?” More and more soldiers were injured on the front line. But they continue to lose a batch of medicines, which was not easy to provide in a short period of time.

“Rob!” Xiao Tianyao tapped the handrail with his finger. His eyes looked as deep as a stagnant pool.

Su Cha was shocked and swallowed his saliva, then said: “Rob the Emperor?”

“Mmm. Let the people of the Devil’s Palace prepare.” When Xiao Tianyao gave his order, he didn’t even knit his brow.

“Won’t this expose our relationship to the Devil’s Palace?” Su Cha was even more worried about this.

“No.” The Emperor had just been robbed. If he was robbed again, he will only suspect the Ghost Mountain bandits. He will not suspect him.

“Okay, then I will arrange it.” Su Cha, who had a solemn looked nodded his head. But before leaving, he said another sentence: “Oh right, the poison mixed in our medicine came from Tiancang Pavilion.”

Xiao Tianyao has been humiliated several times because of Tiancang Pavilion.

“Tiancang Pavilion is really not afraid of death!” Xiao Tianyao’s eyes flashed with killing intent.

Someone will be unlucky.

Su Cha said from the bottom of his heart. Then, he silently prayed for the special envoy of the Tiancang Pavilion. He hoped he wouldn’t die too miserable.

Su Cha was preparing to go, but he heard the guard outside said: “Wangye, Wangfei seek an audience.”

At that moment, Xiao Tianyao’s murderous atmosphere disappeared at a speed that a naked eye couldn’t see. The temperature inside the room also became warm.

This is simply… …

Paying more attention to a lover than friends!

Su Cha opened his mouth to say something, but he heard Xiao Tianyao said: “Aren’t you going? Do you want benwang to personally see you off?”

“I…I am going!” Su Cha wanted to stay and watch the fun, but… …

He didn’t dare!


* Paying more attention to a lover than friends (idiom) – valued the lover more than his friends.

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  1. This Emperor is so stupid. These Emperors that would kill their great generals out of paranoia are terrible. I can’t wait for them to fall or be poisoned. I know what would hurt my brother that doesn’t have military control anymore…Poisoning the troops medicine! Yeah that will get him…..face palm.

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