Chapter 254: Life-saving, the patients are crying (Part 2)

Some kindness, cannot be paid off with only mere thankful words.

Lin Chujiu changed her clothes in the inn and left. Her speed was so fast as if a dog was chasing behind her.

Lin Chujiu was scared to walk slowly and meet another patient. She hasn’t done what she wanted to do. And, she was not Virgin Mary.

Although Lin Chujiu walked fast, she still encountered an Aunt with a sprained leg on the road. The medical system urged her to help the Aunt, and so Lin Chujiu helped the Aunt to bandage her leg.

After the Aunt repeatedly thanked her, Lin Chujiu smiled and left… …

She can’t survive this day!

Last time, she also went outside, but she didn’t encounter any patient. So, why she was so unlucky today? Why she encountered one patient after another?

Was it because she only stayed inside the carriage before?

Well, it seemed that was the case, she only sat inside the carriage before. Also, the medical system didn’t send her a reminder about Zhou Hean’s brother until she took a step outside the carriage earlier. Does it mean the carriage have some special material that can block the medical system’s signal?

If that was the case, then it’s good. Otherwise, she would no longer dare to go outside.

Well, it’s still better to go back and try.

“Wangfei, in front is the Ci Entang.” When the guard saw Lin Chujiu was absent-minded, he kindly reminded her.

“Oh…” Looking at the Ci Entang that was not too far, Lin Chujiu’s eyes flashed with sadness. She also grew up in the Ci Entang of a different era.

However, as soon as she approached, Lin Chujiu heard a crying sound. Listening to it carefully, she could hear not only one, but a couple of crying sounds.

Is there no one in-charged?

Lin Chujiu slightly knitted her eyebrows. The guard quietly looked at Lin Chujiu. He knew things would be like this inside his heart.

That’s why no one lived close to the Ci Entang. They didn’t see anyone living here, right?

The children of Ci Entang were crying all day and night, so no one dared to come.

The guard waited for Lin Chujiu to go back inside the carriage. However, he didn’t expect that Lin Chujiu will not only continue to walk forward but will also step inside… …

It’s just, as soon as Lin Chujiu took a stepped inside, she suddenly shouted and touched her head: “Ahh… … It hurts!”

“Wangfei, what’s wrong?” The guard asked when he heard Lin Chujiu’s painful cries. Lin Chujiu doesn’t have time to pay attention to the guard this time, because… …

Inside her mind, the reminders of the medical system, keep popping out one after another. It didn’t stop at all.

“Help!” Lin Chujiu really wanted to call for help, she wanted the medical system to let her go.

Such intense reminders were really a torment for her, but she cannot control it.

Sure enough, a semi-finished product can be humane. All the harmless function was still left undone. She was not a god ah?!

“Wangfei, are you okay?” The guard asked anxiously, but he didn’t dare to touch Lin Chujiu.

“I can’t die… …” Lin Chujiu gnashed her teeth and continued to take a deep breath to calm herself.

After a stick of incense, the medical system finally stopped ringing in her mind. But, gave her a long list of patients that needed treatment.

Patients… …

Yes, as soon as Lin Chujiu stepped inside the Ci Entang, the medical system received many distress signals. All of them came from the children in Ci Entang.

“Go inside and see what happened.” Lin Chujiu pointed her finger at the place where the powerful cries came from.

“Yes.” The guard knew that Lin Chujiu was being watched by a shadow guard that was with them. So, he went inside with confidence.

There was only one hall in the Ci Entang. And there were only two rooms from the left and right side. When the guard opened the door, the stench in the air came out, it’s foul smell almost killed him.

When the guard finally got adapted to the smell, he suppressed his breath and went inside, but he saw… …


*Shadow Guard – hidden guard.

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  1. LC just saved an orphanage…? Well, all the scary rep that XTY has built up over the year will go down the tubes due to his new wangfei. Lol

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