Chapter 255: Coincidence, The opportunity is coming (Part 2)

Lin Chujiu bent over and picked one child up: “What is the use of saying it now. Why don’t you go outside and buy them food? These children are starving.”

“But… …” The guard looked hesitant.

If he leaves, only Lin Chujiu will be left behind in this place. What will he do if she gets in danger?

“Forget it, even if you go, you might fail to buy the right foods. Let’s cut the hair of these children first. Go and find something we can use to boil some water. We need a water first.” Lin Chujiu knew what the guard was worried about. She also couldn’t guarantee that no one was following her. If the guard left and something bad happens to her, these children will become more miserable.

“Yes.” The guard didn’t dare to disobey Lin Chujiu’s order this time, but he didn’t dare to go too far. When he didn’t find any firewood in the backyard, he came back immediately.

At the same time, Lin Chujiu took out surgical scissors and cut off the messy hair of several children around her. Revealing the red mark on their face.

In such a bad environment, children will likely be poisoned, acquired eczema or pustules in their head, which was the reason why Lin Chujiu decided to cut off their hair.

After cutting the children’s hair, Lin Chujiu found out that several of them had obvious defects. Out of 30 children, there were 3 children with rabbit lips, 2 have eye problem and some even have hands and feet defects… …

Some children who were a bit healthy were mostly females. She only saw one baby boy. The baby seemed had been abandon for only a few days. The baby’s body was weak, which made him acquire pneumonia. He has the most serious case among the other children.

Lin Chujiu took out a surgical kit and some commonly used drugs in the medical system. However, she didn’t get a chance to take out medicines for pneumonia. Because she saw the guard came behind her. Lin Chujiu didn’t dare to take out more items in the medical system. All she could do now was to wait for the people in Xiao Wangfu to arrive.

Xiao Wangfu was not that far from Ci Entang, but even with the fast speed of the dark guard, it will still take an hour.

Lin Chujiu, held the baby with pneumonia in her arms, she was so anxious that he couldn’t survive. She could see that the baby was starving. The baby grabbed her clothes and put it in his mouth. The baby cried out when she pulled back her clothes. Lin Chujiu had no choice but to clean her fingers and let the baby sucked it.

The baby boy grabbed Lin Chujiu’s finger and sucked it with force. The baby’s small face showed a satisfied look. Seeing this, Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but showed a gentle smile.

When Xiao Tianyao came in, he saw this scene… …

Lin Chujiu who was half-squatting on the ground, was holding a dirty baby in her arms. But, her whole body was emitting a warm atmosphere, in which a person couldn’t help but want to get close.

“Lin Chujiu.” Xiao Tianyao opened his mouth and said in a very low voice.

“Wangye, how come you’re here?” Xiao Tianyao was discovered by Lin Chujiu. Not because he made a sound, but because the light was blocked by his body.

Such an event can also alarm Xiao Tianyao. After all, when did he stayed idle?

“Mmm.” Xiao Tianyao simply said and didn’t answer Lin Chujiu’s question. He strode forward to the guard, who was taking care of the other children on the ground and asked: “What is the situation here?”

“Wangye,” The guard hurriedly put down the children and kneel on the ground, then he reported everything they found in the Ci Entang. “There is no single adult in Ci Entang. Only the crying children were here. Wangfei can’t bear to see them miserable. She carried them here one by one.” 

“Go and look for some cooked foods for these children.”Xiao Tianyao looked at the children on the ground and unconsciously knitted his eyebrows.

The group of crying children really annoyed him. But he could say that this incident came too timely… …

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  1. I don’t care about what XTY’s plan or scheming, as long as he help LCJ to take care the abandoned children, I will give him 2 stars rating 😏

  2. Just a thought… the term ‘shadow guard’ is frequently used in other novels and I think that might be the commonly used translation of ‘dark guard’. However, I’m not the one translating it, so either term works for me! Thanks for the chapter and your hard work!

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