Chapter 257: Asking for help, difference in identity (Part 1)

When the official heard their leader’s words, he knew that the woman in front of him was dead. So, he didn’t try to be polite at all. He took out his sword and point it towards Lin Chujiu: “Young miss, don’t try to resist. This uncle’s hand might shake and injured your face. Don’t blame this uncle for not reminding you.”

When the sword was pointed to Lin Chujiu, Xiao Tianyao still didn’t move. Fortunately, Lin Chujiu was flexible enough, and she was able to move to the side on time. Then, she lifted her leg and kicked the official.

“Ahhh—” The official scream in pain and his left leg soften. He couldn’t stand up for a long time: “This smelly girl, you are really an evil criminal.”

“What evil criminal?” As a doctor, and as a spy at the same time, how could she not know how to use both of her hands in good and evil ways.

So what if she doesn’t have enough strength? She knew very well the weaknesses of the human body. She can at least use enough strength to cause a maximum damage to the other party.

“I couldn’t tell your moves, but you can’t do the same trick twice.” When the Leader saw his companion’s situation, he didn’t dare to come forward abruptly. He looked at Lin Chujiu with some vigilance.

Lin Chujiu was very satisfied, so she smiled. She put down the baby on her arms and pointed her finger to the door: “What? You still don’t want to go out and speak outside? You can’t hurt the children here.”

There were children on the left and right sides of the hall. There was only a small road in the middle. The children don’t know the danger of the current situation. If they were accidentally stepped on, they will become more miserable.

“Go out and speak? Who are you to order us? So what if we hurt the children?” The Leader said as he waved his sword to the child on the ground: “Who cares if I smashed or kill these children? I’ll just say that you killed them all.”

The Leader’s indifference was justified. There was no even trace of embarrassment in his face. Lin Chujiu shook her head in disbelief: “Are you really a government official? You are simply a scam.”

“Whether we are officials or not, you have no rights to speak. You are now a fugitive who killed the abandoned children. Put your hands up and come over.” The Leader was afraid of Lin Chujiu’s sneak attack, so he didn’t dare to come forward. He threatened Lin Chujiu with the use of the child.

“I am a fugitive?” Lin Chujiu pointed to himself and said. “Who gave you the courage to say that I am a fugitive? Do you know who I am?”

Lin Chujiu always felt that the words: “Do you know who I am?” was a very pretentious sentence. But at this time, she cannot think of more practical words to say.

“Why should I care about who are you? Once you fall into our hands, even the prince of the imperial family could only bow down his head to us.” The Official was not afraid of Lin Chujiu. They were not afraid of the imperial family, so what more to a woman?

After all, those famous and beautiful noble ladies will never go out alone, nor came to Ci Entang to take care of abandoned children. And even if they do really come, they will send a news in advance to be accompanied by officials.

“You have a big tone,” Lin Chujiu was so angry, she no longer wanted to entangle herself to them, so she turned her head and looked at Xiao Tianyao in the corner: “Wangye, someone wants you to bow down your head, are you not going to say a word?”

“Wangye?” When the Leader heard Lin Chujiu’s words, he took a moment to looked to the direction of Lin Chujiu’s eyes. But, he only saw a shadow sitting in the corner. He couldn’t see the person’s appearance.

Someone else is here?

The Leader was shocked, but bravely said: “Who are you? Come out in there.”

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