Chapter 261: Loftiness, You actually dared to play with benwang (Part 1)

All the accounts in the past incidents?

Is Xiao Tianyao asking for reconciliation? 

Lin Chujiu squinted her eyes and looked at Xiao Tianyao with puzzlement. Unfortunately, the carriage was too dark. Lin Chujiu couldn’t see anything except a vague shadow.

Or should I take the initiative to ask?!

“Wangye, are you… …” Lin Chujiu just opened her mouth, when the carriage suddenly bumped into something. The carriage swayed violently, Lin Chujiu, who was leaning forward almost fell: “Ahhh…”

Lin Chujiu was so scared that she screamed, as her body fluttered uncontrollably. When she thought that she would badly fall, a big hand suddenly buckled around her waist. She was forced to change direction but didn’t let her fall to the ground, instead… …

She fell in Xiao Tianyao’s arms. Or more likely, she was in a posture like an eating dog, squatting on Xiao Tianyao’s thigh.

“Wangye, Wangfei, there was a deep pit on the road, so the carriage bumped a bit.” The guard and the coachman immediately pleaded guilty. When they heard Xiao Tianyao only hummed, they continued to drive.

“Oh…” Although she fell on Xiao Tianyao’s thigh, she still fell a bit hard. Lin Chujiu felt in pain, so her face was wrinkling. She wanted to get up, but she found the arms on her waist was strong and heavy, she couldn’t move.

“Wangye…” Let me get up!

“Stupid, don’t move.” When Xiao Tianyao didn’t hear the words he wanted, he was a little depressed. But thinking about Lin Chujiu was in his arms, his depression disappeared.

“I…” I’ll think about it.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t wait for Lin Chujiu to finish, he once again cut off her words: “You have injuries in the back, so don’t move again. If you  move, benwang will shut you down.”

“But… …” I feel so uncomfortable.

“No, buts. Bengwang saved you, you can only obey.” Xiao Tianyao said, as his other hand swayed over Lin Chujiu’s waist, soothing her mood like a puppy: “You’re only sitting in the carriage, but you almost killed yourself. Say, how many times you died, if benwang didn’t save you?”

“This is an accident. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be assassinated at all.” Lin Chujiu tried to struggle several times. But after failing for several times, she only quietly squats down.

Xiao Tianyao was very satisfied with Lin Chujiu’s obedience, so he added: “This time, you brought this disaster upon yourself. Those assassins wanted your life.”

“Me? How is that possible? How did I bring disaster to myself?” Lin Chujiu was not convinced. She wanted to get up and talked about it with Xiao Tianyao. However, she just looked up, but was pressed by Xiao Tianyao: “Injured person should behave.”

“What trouble did I cause?” The carriage bumped into something again, Lin Chujiu was really uncomfortable. She felt like her internal organs were being pressed. So in order to make herself feel comfortable, Lin Chujiu lay on Xiao Tianyao’s thigh and wrapped her arms around Xiao Tianyao’s arm.

This action pleased Xiao Tianyao, so he was in a good mood. He generously cleared Lin Chujiu’s doubt: “You went to the Ci Entang and touched something untouchable.”

“What? You mean, those abused and abandoned children?” When Lin Chujiu spoke, her warm breath was sprayed on Xiao Tianyao’s arm. Xiao Tianyao’s body became stiff and lose his mind for a moment: “What did you just say?”

Lin Chujiu didn’t think much about it, she repeated her words. Xiao Tianyao’s mind was still preoccupied. But, he could give an answer without difficulty.

“The abused and abandoned children was nothing. They were only few in numbers. But, didn’t you notice that all of the children in Ci Entang are only small children? And most of them are girls and disabled children?” They were weak and obviously looked very ugly.

“Yes, I am also surprised by this. What about the grown-up kids? Is it really difficult for babies to survive in the Ci Entang?” Lin Chujiu was very busy to save the children and didn’t think of it. But now that Xiao Tianyao mentioned it, she found out something was wrong.

All the children there were physically weak and sick.

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