Chapter 261: Loftiness, You actually dared to play with benwang (Part 2)

“Of course, Ci Entang received a lot of children every year. They also grow up. It’s just, the children you saw were the children that were abandoned by Ci Entang itself.” Xiao Tianyao said as he caressed Lin Chujiu’s hair. His actions were very gentle. Unfortunately, the two of them were immersed in the topic, so they both failed to notice it.

Lin Chujiu heard something wrong, so she asked another question: “Where are the healthy children?”

“In different places. The children in the Ci Entang are divided into 3 class. The lowest class was the ones you see. The middle-class children were raised in secrecy, until the age of 7 or 8. Then, they will be sold. If they grow up slightly better, they will become slaves or prostitutes. Lastly, the strongest among the children will be raised as assassins. The group of assassins that you encountered tonight, used to be the abandoned children in the Ci Entang.”

The Ci Entang existed for a long time now, the activities inside were very complicated. These were the only information that Xiao Tianyao could get, he didn’t conceal anything to Lin Chujiu.

“Who is the person managing the Ci Entang? Is it the emperor?” Lin Chujiu’s face looked dignified. At this moment, she totally forgot that she was still in Xiao Tianyao’s arms.

“No, the emperor will not pay attention to a group of abandoned children. He doesn’t know what is going on in there.” Although the emperor has spies everywhere, a person who only stayed inside the palace, wouldn’t be able to see every single thing.

“How can the emperor not care about a group of abandoned children? If no one is concerned about them, how will they live a good life?” Fortunately, Lin Chujiu was in Xiao Tianyao’s arms, so no one could see the pain and sadness in her eyes.

She was saddened by the issue about the children, who were treated as tools. She was glad that she had live in a good period of time.

“That’s why those people involved wanted to kill you. As long as you continued paying attention to the Ci Entang, there will be many people who will keep an eye to it.” As a result, those people involved will have to stop their business.

“I…it’s not intentional.” But, she was glad that she went.

“Benwang knows that you didn’t do it intentionally, you are stupid. If you have a brain, benwang doesn’t need to worry about you.” Xiao Tianyao spoke naturally, he only realized what he said when he finished.

Sure enough, in front of Lin Chujiu, he gradually put down his guard.

Lin Chujiu knew that she had brought trouble to Xiao Tianyao, so she said in a low voice: “I will be cautious in the future. I’ll try not to cause trouble.”

No wonder that when Xiao Tianyao heard that she was in Ci Entang, he immediately came over. And no wonder that even though he hated the place, he still sat there and accompanied her. Originally, it was to give her shelter and give warning to the people who will dare to attack her.

Thinking of this, Lin Chujiu’s nose was sour. She suddenly felt that Xiao Tianyao was actually very good to her. It was a bit awkward, but she was thankful.

“Wangye, thank you.” Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but held tight Xiao Tianyao’s arm and buried her face into it.

“Benwang saved you, not to hear you say ‘thank you’.” Just to hear ‘thank you’? Lin Chujiu must be dreaming!

“I know, Wangye just said that all the previous incidents were dismissed, so I don’t need to say ‘thank you’.”

Remembering Xiao Tianyao’s words, Lin Chujiu acted like a big person.

“How clever.” Xiao Tianyao pretended to be angry and lightly knocked Lin Chujiu’s head.

“It hurts… …” Lin Chujiu exclaimed with exaggerated tone. Xiao Tianyao busily rubbed Lin Chujiu’s head and asked: “Does it really hurt?” He obviously didn’t put any force.

“It hurts so much, it really hurts!” Lin Chujiu exaggerated her tone even more. Xiao Tianyao immediately understood that she was only acting, so he couldn’t help but rubbed her head a bit more: “You actually dared to play with benwang!”

Listening to his tone, there was a little less imposing manner… …

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12 thoughts on “Chapter 261: Loftiness, You actually dared to play with benwang (Part 2)

  1. Aawww… That’s very sweet. It’s so good to see their sweet relationship. Yet she will hate him again in the next chapter… I believe it’s the pattern of love right
    PS. It’s not a spoiler

  2. Thanks for see why XT do all like that..always have a reason for any action, even he act harshly..its just need LC to improve and 1 day for sure she can match with XT by her own skill/style

  3. Could it be? XTY is using the skill of *gasp* COMMUNICATION with LC? O_o And things are going well… 🙂 See, XTY, good things happen when you explain things to her. Now are you going to learn that lesson once and for all? My guess is no, but there’s hope for you yet.

  4. Lin Chujiu now aware, that emperor and princes are corrupted enough to ignore these children, this realization hit her so hard that she trembles. “I’m being reincarnated into this world, is this the reason?”
    She must be powerful enough, filthy rich enough, her medical prowess must be needed enough to shake this world’s foundation to the core.
    Thus began the journey of Lin Chujiu to break apart from her identity as a wangfei but not before she utilize it properly to built an empire of medical supplies business, woman without martial art cannot survive? She gathered her very own top grade assassin team and minions, wealthy underworld boss blocking her? Even her husband in name, the war god could only step aside.
    *Or so I wish*

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