Chapter 262: Match, Killing people without blinking (Part 2)

Whether it was the emperor or Xiao Tianyao, they didn’t take the Ci Entang seriously. They don’t have time to focus on a group of abandoned children. Knowing the inside story right now, was purely an accident.

Xiao Tianyao asked Su Cha to check where Divine Doctor Mo’s test subject came from. As a result, they found out that they came from the Ci Entang.

Su Cha also found out that there were many children in the Ci Entang, but only unhealthy children could be seen by the people. Following the clue all the way down, they found out that after receiving the abandoned children, the Ci Entang will send the healthy ones to a secret place, then they will classify them according to their qualifications.

Su Cha found out that Divine Doctor Mo bought children to the Ci Entang to become his test subjects. With this, they also found out that these children were being sold in various ways. Children with good strength were being trained as assassins. But, they couldn’t find who was the people behind the scene.

The people behind Ci Entang were very careful and cautious.

The enemies were hiding in the dark, so it wasn’t easy to check this matter. Xiao Tianyao didn’t blame Su Cha for the lack of information. He only said: “Watch closely the Ci Entang, interrupt their move in sending away the healthy abandoned children.”

As long as the healthy abandoned children will not fall into the hands of those people behind the scenes. The other party will lose their source of supplies. And so, sooner or later, their business will fall. They will become anxious. Once they become anxious, naturally, they will come out.

“I know what to do it.” This meticulous planning, only Su Cha can do it. Su Cha didn’t refuse.

After hearing his new task to Xiao Tianyao. Su Cha continued to report: “Wangye, the identity of the sick child that Wangfei saved on the road before going to Ci Entang, was not simple.”

“What is his identity?” Xiao Tianyao always had a headache whenever Lin Chujiu randomly saving people on the road.

Obviously, he was a big devil who kills people without batting an eye. But, he married a wife with such a noble character. Are they a good match?

“The older teenager is called Zhou Hean. According to the information we found, he should be the son of Zhou Zheng, the former general of the Southern Country. The younger brother he was mentioning was actually the son of the Emperor of Southern Country. The Princess of Southern Country came to the East to look for them.”

The current emperor of Southern Country was originally the former emperor’s brother-in-law.  But three years ago, he rebelled and overthrew the rule of the Xia Imperial Family and became an emperor himself. He slaughtered all the member of Xia imperial family. The only one left was the youngest son of the former emperor. The youngest son was able to escape under the protection of a loyal minister.

Unfortunately, the child was dying but was rescued by Lin Chujiu. If Lin Chujiu didn’t save the child, Su Cha will not investigate the two children, and they wouldn’t know their identity.

At this moment, Xiao Tianyao doesn’t know whether he will laugh or cry: “How can she randomly saved people with uncommon identity?” Xiao Tianyao was sure that Lin Chujiu didn’t know the identity of the two children.

“Wangfei is very lucky.” Su Cha also find it funny, the Southern Country tried hard to find the children, but Lin Chujiu just casually went outside and bumped with the two. Her luck was really against the heaven. 

Xiao Tianyao shook his head. “If you don’t know it, you can forget it. But since now you know, you should protect the two.” As the Southern Country’s last royal bloodline, even if he was still young, he can be a huge bargaining chip.

“I know what to do,” Su Cha knows the importance of the two people. Now that they know their identity, they need to secretly protect them.

“However, Wangfei’s good fortune is far more than that.” Su Cha opened his mouth once again.

Xiao Tianyao raised an eyebrow and became interested: “What else?”

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