Chapter 265: Wangye, don’t worry… (Part 2)

The emperor was very angry at the exposure of Ci Entang’s scandal. He thought that this was part of Xiao Tianyao’s plan in smearing the palace court’s reputation. But after hearing Lin Xiang’s report, he instantly senses something was wrong.

“Check this thing immediately and report back to me, what Ci Entang had been doing in the past few years? And also, who was the person behind it?” When the Emperor heard Lin Xiang’s words, he felt a chill on his back.

Under his nose, someone actually secretly established such a terrible force, but he didn’t know it at all? This was terrible!

The emperor not only felt terrible but also angry. Xiao Tianyao found out the issue, but he didn’t know anything. The people under his hand were simply a waste.

The Chief of Spy was summoned by the Emperor, he personally wanted to fix these things. The first step was to take out first, all the hidden spies in his palace ministers.

At the moment, the Imperial Capital was covered with unprecedented tension. Every noble family was scared. They feared that there might be hidden spies around them. But, they don’t know where they will sell those servants.

Divine Doctor Mo was trapped in the prison. Although he didn’t lose contact in the outside world, he was not well-informed. When he received the news, the issue in the Ci Entang was already exposed. He was simply powerless to turn back the tide.

Soon, the issue about Divine Doctor Mo bought a large number of abandoned children from Ci Entang was exposed. The entire capital went into chaos after hearing this… …

However, the more the atmosphere outside became tense, the more the Xiao Wangfu became peaceful. The emperor’s attention was focused on the matter regarding the Ci Entang, he has no energy to think of Xiao Tianyao.

“I didn’t expect Imperial Doctor Qin will expose this matter, but it really saved us a lot of time.” Su Cha said with a happy face. The more the issue of Ci Entang became big, the sooner the mastermind will jump out from the scene.

They really wanted to know who was the big person behind it.

“Keep an eye on it, benwang doesn’t want to encounter another accident.” Such a big black pawn behind the scenes, even if it was not his enemy, he will take it out.

“Reassured, once there is a move, I will find out.” Su Cha smiled, but his face still looked serious.

When he heard Su Cha’s reassurance, Xiao Tianyao was relieved, but he still reminded him: “Make an arrangement for the two children as soon as possible. The Southern Prince has sneaked into the capital.”

“The Southern Prince sneaked into the capital?” Su Cha looked very surprised, but then bowed his head in embarrassment: “I neglected my duty, I don’t know who’s prince is it!”

“The prince who came is the fifth son of the Southern Emperor to an Eastern woman. He literately looks like eastern people. Keep a close eye to him.” The other party was well hidden. Xiao Tianyao just luckily discovered it.

Su Cha, who has a dignified face seriously replied: “I will make an arrangement for the two children tomorrow together with Wangfei.”

Zhou Hean was very sensitive to his identity. And was very alert to outsiders. So far, only Lin Chujiu has gained their trust.

“Mmm. Don’t alert the enemies.” Hearing Su Cha mentioned Lin Chujiu’s name, he couldn’t help but frowned and looked at the hourglass on the table. Seeing the time was not too early, but Su Cha still doesn’t plan to leave, he cold asked: “Is there anything else?”

“How do you plan to deal with the Meng family? Meng Daren might pay a visit.” Su Cha also knew that he sounds annoying in this matter, but many things happened, when he and Liu Bai went outside to help Doctor Wu. 

“None, just let them talk to Lin Chujiu if that happen.” Xiao Tianyao said then got up, he waved his sleeve and walked away.

“I still… …” Su Cha turned around to chase after Xiao Tianyao, but Xiao Tianyao suddenly disappeared. He couldn’t help but sigh in this: Wangye, why are you so anxious to leave?

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