Chapter 275: This distance, too close (Part 2)

“Your disease doesn’t require me to check your pulse.” Her words might not be convincing because of her age. However, if she directly said that she will not check his pulse, Meng Family might think she was not a doctor. 

Lin Chujiu asked Meng Xiuyuan to take back his hand. Then, she put her medicine box on the table. She opened it and put his medical paraphernalia one by one. Lastly, she wore a face mask and gloves.

Lin Chujiu was very skillful. In a glance, people will know that she has done it many times.

“Open your mouth.” Lin Chujiu stood in front of Meng Xiuyuan while holding a tongue depressor and a small penlight, wanting to check his throat.

As a person who has been checked by various famous doctors all the year round, Meng Xiuyuan was already clear about what Lin Chujiu wanted to do. So, he cooperated with her.

Lin Chujiu has to admit, that this young man’s mouth was as amazing as him. It’s just a pity, Lin Chujiu has no time to enjoy it.

After checking, Lin Chujiu touched Meng Xiuyuan’s throat next. She pressed her fingers at his neck. From time to time, her fingers were pressing against his Adam’s apple.

For men, their Adam’s apple was a relatively sensitive spot. So, a woman reaching out her fingers and touching a man’s throat was an ambiguous thing. If Lin Chujiu’s face doesn’t look very serious, Meng Daren will definitely push Lin Chujiu away from his son.

Once Lin Chujiu started working, she would devote her whole attention. It’s not that she was not aware of what’s going on, but she doesn’t care about the outside world. Let alone, she doesn’t think she was doing something wrong.

Meng Xiuyuan was not born mute. He definitely has a problem with his throat. So, was it wrong to check if his throat has some problem?

In order to confirm her speculation, Lin Chujiu took another step forward. Now, there was almost no distance between them.

A beautiful woman stood in between his legs and looked at him intently. Only himself exist in her clear eyes. Her slender fingers were covering his neck. Her slightly cold fingers, who were only separated by a thin clothing, continued going back and forth. Meng Xiuyuan smelled the scent in Lin Chujiu’s body. If he will stretch out his hand, he can bring the person in his arms… …

Meng Xiuyuan has always been a pure-minded person. But in this case, his pure soul was shaken. Not to mention, he was only an ordinary man.

Meng Xiuyuan, who was never been close to a woman, was quite a bit embarrassed. His ears were slightly red, but he was not aware of it. And his breathing gradually increased.

Fortunately, the other two people in the main hall were very busy. His father was very concerned with the result, so he didn’t notice his abnormal behavior.

Meng Xiuyuan took a deep breath and secretly recited the “Pure Mind Incantation” to calm himself.

After a few minutes, Lin Chujiu took a step backward.

Meng Xiuyuan sighed with a long sigh of relief. This was the first time he discovered that a medical checkup could give people a hard time.

“Xiao Wangfei, how is Xiuyuan?” Meng Daren looked at Lin Chujiu with hope, as he waited for her answer. Although Lin Chujiu was young, Meng Daren was hoping.

* Bang*

The words ‘Xiao Wangfei’ was like a basin of cold water that instant calm down Meng Xiuyuan’s mind. His face even became a bit paler.

He actually forgot that the woman in front of him was married. He almost faint in worries.

“It’s a bit bad.” Although there was no x-ray film, she has the medical system with her. Lin Chujiu already confirmed Meng Xiuyuan’s condition. “But, I can treat you. It’s just, I’m afraid you have to dare to agree with my medical treatment.”

Hearing Lin Chujiu’s words, Meng Daren became desperate. Meng Xiuyuan was calm, he was not hoping for anything. But when he heard Lin Chujiu, his eyes couldn’t help but brightly shine…

He was still hoping to speak!

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  1. Hahaha! Thank goodness he was mute because the “Pure Heart Sutra” at that close distance would have deff given away his thoughts!

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