Chapter 277: Protection, consciousness of a wife (Part 1)

Divine Doctor Mo was sure that the Meng father and son was deliberately doing this, but what about it?

Meng father and son were not happy to see Divine Doctor Mo, but they didn’t directly speak of it. To deny a person’s intention, there were many ways to do it unnoticeable. However, the Meng father and son obviously not willing to accept Divine Doctor Mo’s offering of help.

In the face of Meng Daren’s almost straightforward refusal, Divine Doctor Mo’s smile became stiff. He knew he will only embarrass himself if he continues, but his heart was very unwilling to leave. 

If someone else snatched his patient, Meng Xiuyuan. Divine Doctor Mo will not be so angry. After all, it’s not his style to robbed the patient’s of others, but it was Lin Chujiu.

This was not the first time!

Xiao Tianyao, Xiao Zian, and now it’s Meng Xiuyuan. These three important patients were all robbed by Lin Chujiu. And each time she will rob his patient, he ended up in a miserable situation.

This time, Meng Xiuyuan was very important for him. Divine Doctor Mo couldn’t imagine, if Lin Chujiu successfully healed Meng Xiuyuan, what will happen to him?

“It wouldn’t be too good.” People knew that he bought so many abandoned children in the Ci Entang, but he couldn’t explain himself.

Does he really want to fell down together with those buffoons?

Divine Doctor Mo was really reluctant, but what can he do in the prison?

Divine Doctor Mo heavily sighed and left with a slightly bent back… …


Lin Chujiu didn’t go to see, nor speak to Xiao Tianyao when she returned to the Xiao Wangfu. She was used in minding her own life. So even though Xiao Tianyao has a strong influence in her life, she didn’t come to tell him what happened. She was not used reporting things to others. 

On the other hand, if Xiao Tianyao wanted to know things about Lin Chujiu, he only needs to summon his shadow guards, but… …

Today, Xiao Tianyao was very upset!

Lin Chujiu, that woman, has no consciousness of a wife.

Just like last night, Xiao Tianyao went to Lin Chujiu’s room early, but he was a little late compared to last night. When he came, Lin Chujiu’s hair was already dry.

When Xiao Tianyao entered the room, Lin Chujiu was sitting on the bed and reading a book. Seeing Xiao Tianyao came inside, Lin Chujiu looked up and said: “You’re back.”

After she finished, she continued to look at the book.

She likes Xiao Tianyao, but she doesn’t want to lose herself. Those things happened in the carriage because the atmosphere was too good. However, if Xiao Tianyao no longer wanted to continue teasing her, she still wanted to be rational.

The medical book in Lin Chujiu’s hand was not famous. It was a general medical book that can be bought in any bookstore. But, it can give her fundamental knowledge.

Xiao Tianyao didn’t pay attention to Lin Chujiu’s indifferent attitude, he only walked towards her gracefully. Then, he said with a soft and slow tone: “Chujiu, you went outside, don’t you have anything to say to benwang?”

Xiao Tianyao’s tall figure instantly covered the light, Lin Chujiu couldn’t continue reading the book. So, she had to put it down and asked in puzzlement: “What do you want me to say?”

His tone was very gentle, his breathing pattern was normal, but why does she felt like Xiao Tianyao was angry?

What did she do to irritate him?

“Meng Family’s business, you don’t need to talk about it to benwang?” Seeing Lin Chujiu’s questionable face, he knew that Lin Chujiu didn’t realize what she had done wrong.

Sure enough, she’s stupid.

“Didn’t you know everything about Meng Family?” Lin Chujiu doesn’t think that Xiao Tianyao will let her go out alone. He will definitely send someone to monitor her. After all, she and Xiao Tianyao lived in the same roof.

Xiao Tianyao sat down beside Lin Chujiu and said. “Benwang wants to hear it from you.”

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9 thoughts on “Chapter 277: Protection, consciousness of a wife (Part 1)

  1. Aww, she is not a female born and raised in that timeline . Her way of thinking is vastly different tfrom women of those era.

    Of course she won’t understand what he wants from her. Lol… The gender equality does not exists yet in those time.

  2. In saying that LCJ does not come from this era, yes. XTY wanted LCJ to talk or communicate with him what she had done during the day. Isn’t in modern era husband or wife will talk with one another what they do during their day either at home or work. Why JXJ think about why she has tell XTY anything?

    I just wish this two talk properly instead of, try to guess each thoughts.

    1. I actually find the reason she doesnt share is because XTY from the beginning showed no interest in listening to her and many a times implied he learns of the news before she opens her mouth. So there really is no reason for her to speak after all XTY hasnt exactly showed he genuinely wants to work on their cimmunication etc.

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