Chapter 284: To arrange, initial show of strength (Part 1)

Lin Chujiu and Xiao Tianyao seem to have a tacit understanding. Aside from handing over the news that he found out on the same day to Lin Chujiu, Xiao Tianyao no longer ask anything about Meng Family’s business. Lin Chujiu also didn’t ask anything.

Although Lin Chujiu hasn’t fully understood Xiao Tianyao’s personality, she knew that Xiao Tianyao was proud and arrogant. If he was willing to give anything, she can only accept it. But, if he’s not, it will be useless to ask him, he will not move for anyone. 

After Lin Chujiu got up, she went to the hospital. She changed the children’s post-operative medicine. Then, after determining the children were alright, she went to Meng Family.

Because of the news sent by Lin Chujiu yesterday, the atmosphere inside the Meng Family became much better. Meng Laofuren’s condition also became a bit better than yesterday. Meng Da Furen learned that Lin Chujiu came, so she came and greeted her at the gate.

“Chujiu, thank you for yesterday.” They all panicked at home. No one dared to check the news of the incident. If it wasn’t for the news that Lin Chujiu had sent, their family will not survive another day.

“I didn’t do anything. First Aunt, you don’t have to worry about it.” To tell the truth, Meng Da Furen was more pleasing now than before, so Lin Chujiu tried to be more kind: “First Aunt, how’s grandmother?”

“When mother heard that the children were fine, she felt a lot better. She could speak a few words now, but still couldn’t move.” Yesterday, the whole family was very worried about the missing children. When they learned that the children were fine, they began to focus on the old lady’s illness.

“I’m going to see my grandmother.” Lin Chujiu came today, just to mainly see the old lady.

Meng Da Furen personally took Lin Chujiu to the old lady’s courtyard, when suddenly, she remembered: “This morning, your… … Lin Furen came to visit but was driven away by mother. In the end, she left Wanting.”

Lin Chujiu nodded her head, however, her footsteps stayed the same, indicating she knew about it.

She knew Meng Laofuren will drive away Lin Furen, but as for letting Lin Wanting stay?

Lin Wanting was also the old lady’s granddaughter. Meng Laofuren doesn’t want to taint Lin Wanting’s reputation. If she has a dutiful title, her life in the capital will become much better.

Both Meng Er Furen and Meng San Furen were in the old lady’s courtyard. Seeing Lin Chujiu came in, both of them came forward to thank her. Meng Er Furen thanked Lin Chujiu from the bottom of her heart but asked Lin Chujiu not to let the old lady learned what happened yesterday. 

Meng Laofuren was just able to speak a few words, she better not hear another shocking event. The Old Lady didn’t allow them to involved Lin Chujiu to their children’s case. If the Old Lady learned about yesterday, they will be driven out of the house.

Aside from Meng Laofuren, Lin Chujiu didn’t bother to please other people in the Meng Family. When she heard Meng Er Furen and Meng San Furen’s words, Lin Chujiu didn’t felt surprised at all: “Second Aunt, rest assured. I know what to do.”

Lin Chujiu just took a stepped outside the front door with her medicine box, but she heard the sound of Buddhist Scriptures.

Lin Chujiu knew that shouldn’t disturb the people inside at this time, so she stopped and waited outside.

Lin Chujiu was not familiar with Buddhist scriptures, she doesn’t know what Lin Wanting was reading. But, the three furens of Meng Family knew it very clear, they knew Lin Wanting has just begun reading. And she was reading a very long one.

So no need to ask, this must be Lin Wangting way to bully Lin Chujiu. Meng Da Furen will not bother to manage the two if it was an ordinary time, but now… …

She was also counting on Xiao Wangye’s help to save the children, so how can she let Lin Chujiu wait outside?

Meng Da Furen pulled Lin Chujiu’s sleeve, indicating for her to leave first.

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