Chapter 285: To kidnap, to kill you (Part 2)

“Uncle, I am doing this for my grandmother… …” Lin Wanting looked sad, she didn’t expect her uncle would say such things to her.

Meng San Laoye’s lips twitched. However, thinking about how Lin Xiang favor Lin Wanting, he couldn’t help but control his temper: “We know that you are filial, but kneeling is not something useful all the time.” They were all very clear about their mother illness. It was something impossible to cure.

“I know, Uncle.” Lin Wanting didn’t dare to bow her head, she only admitted her mistake. After getting up, she went close to Lin Chujiu and said: “Sister, I’m sorry, I’m just very worried about grandmother. I don’t mean anything else, please don’t take it to your heart sister.”

Lin Chujiu didn’t hide her dissatisfaction, she looked at Lin Wanting with disgust: “Lin Wanting, I remember I told you before not to call me, sister. I feel disgusted whenever I hear it, you better call me Xiao Wangfei.”

Lin Chujiu didn’t give Lin Wanting an opportunity to speak again. She added immediately: “I know that you are filial to grandmother, but you asked the wrong person. I have no medical skills to cure grandmother. However, Divine Doctor Mo definitely has a way. For the sake of filial pity, why don’t you go and ask Divine Doctor Mo to cure grandmother?”

Lin Chujiu was originally planning to go to Divine Doctor Mo, but she couldn’t find a way to do so. Now that Lin Wanting provoke her, she shouldn’t blame her for doing this.

Moral kidnapping, she will do the same.

“Mo, Divine Doctor Mo?” Lin Wanting was dumbfounded, she even imagined digging up a hole to bury herself.

Lin Chujiu nodded with a smile: “Yes, Divine Doctor Mo’s superb medical skills are known throughout the four countries. I’m afraid, Wangye has offended Divine Doctor Mo, so even if I go there, Divine Doctor Mo will not agree. But now that you’re here, I am at ease. With your kindness and filial piety, I’m sure Divine Doctor Mo will agree to cure grandmother.”

Meng Shi doesn’t know what was going on, but he smelled gunpowder between Lin Chujiu and Lin Wanting’s conversations. However, when he heard that Divine Doctor Mo can cure Meng Laofuren, he excitedly said: “How did I forget Divine Doctor Mo is in the east? Wanting, you go and seek Divine Doctor Mo’s medical advice. If Divine Doctor Mo check mother’s condition, there might be a chance she gets cured.”

Meng San Laoye vaguely looked at Lin Chujiu’s eyes and said: “Wanting has a good heart, this uncle wanted to thank you. If mother’s illness is cured, you are the hero of our family.”

“Uncle… …” Lin Wanting looked very confused, she knew that she couldn’t refuse at the moment. So, she could only stiffly say, “I, I will definitely go to seek Divine Doctor Mo’s medical advice.”

“I think it’s better to go while the sun is still up, so why don’t you go now? Other people cannot enter the prison cell, but for Lin Xiang’s apple of the eye, it will definitely be easy. Someone come… …” Lin Chujiu took the lead and directly ordered the Meng Family’s servants to prepare Lin Wanting a carriage.

“I… …” Lin Wanting wanted to refuse, but Lin Chujiu interrupted her: “You don’t have to worry, with the Crown Prince’s face, Divine Doctor Mo will definitely not refuse your request.”

*Clap* Lin Chujiu clap in the air and a shadow guard came out.

A shadow guard quietly appeared in front of Lin Chujiu. The three Meng brothers haven’t figured out what’s going, but they heard Lin Chujiu said: “Escort Second Young Miss to the Dali Temple. Remember, you have to make sure the second miss arrive safely, wait for her to finish her business and bring her back safe.”

In other words, Lin Chujiu was going to stare at Lin Wanting from the beginning up to the end. She will not let her have a chance to ask for help… …

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