Chapter 289: Don’t cry, the enemy will laugh (Part 2)

Housekeeper Cao’s heart skips a beat, but he didn’t dare to say anything. He only silently lowered his head, then sighed: What happened to Wangye and Wangfei? They were clearly very close, but why they are doing business separately?

It was not a secret that Lin Chujiu will go to the Wind Cliff Valley. So, when they heard Lin Chujiu’s words, the four maidservants had a bad premonition. They boldly said: “Wangfei, can we go with you?”

“Yes, you can.” The four maidservants naturally now have a heart, was a great accomplishment for Lin Chujiu. So, she couldn’t help but bring them all.

“This slave will now go and prepare.” The four maidservant’s eyes brightly shine and went away to change their clothes.

And soon, the four of them came back, wearing neat and simple clothes. They were like female soldiers.

Lin Chujiu nodded her head with satisfaction and took out her four maidservants with her. However, she didn’t directly go to the said place, she went to the Meng Family first.

What Lin Chujiu had prepared was still in their home.


The three Meng brothers didn’t sleep last night. They were waiting for Lin Chujiu until the morning came. So, when they heard a maidservant announce Lin Chujiu’s arrival,  they busily get up. They didn’t wait for Lin Chujiu to arrive, they came running to meet her first.

“First Uncle, are things ready?” Although Lin Chujiu’s get up doesn’t look complicated. It looks a bit lacking compared to her four maidservants simple and neat clothes. Meng Shi nodded his head, but then he said when he saw Lin Chujiu’s outfit: “Chujiu, your clothes will be inconvenient to you.” 

The Wind Cliff Valley was not a safe place to climb, her dress will make things hard for her even more if she decides to climb up.

“Uncle, rest assured, this dress will not affect my actions. Just let me see the things.” Lin Chujiu took a step forward. While her four maidservants stood still in the hall, they didn’t dare to come together with her.

Meng Er Laoye and Meng San Laoye also didn’t come forward. But, they looked at the four maidservants. They didn’t say anything, but they looked at them rudely.

They were grateful to Xiao Wangye for the news, but they were dissatisfied with him to his behavior towards Lin Chujiu, but… …

How can they keep being dissatisfied? They were no better than Xiao Wangye.


The weapons that Lin Chujiu were looking for in the Meng Family were all small. They were secret weapons that can be carried anytime. After some improvement, it can be specially used to a group of villains.

Although there were guns in M country and people can own guns legally, it will be very impossible for people to carry guns all the time and shoot anytime. Sometimes, small weapons like this were better than guns. It was not that eye-catching.

The small secret weapons were on the table, many of them were still only a small part and needed to assemble first. After Lin Chujiu assembled her secret weapons, she didn’t go outside together with her uncle.

The reason why Lin Chujiu studied surgery, was because her hands were very clever. After her training, her hands became even more flexible. She can hide small secret weapons easily.

*Ka cha*

After the noise, a small box appeared. Lin Chujiu then took out a premeditated toxic agent from the medical system. She poured it inside the small box. Then, she wore protective gloves, she deep fine needles from it.

The fine needles that were soaked with the toxic agent, doesn’t have any droplets. It can be seen that Lin Chujiu had done this many times.

When Lin Chujiu went outside, she deliberately tied her hair in a bun. The small box was stuck in her hair bun, but it can’t be seen at all.

In addition to the fine needles soaked in poison, there were also hidden weapons such as sleeve arrows and fine knives, that were tied on her wrist and thigh. They were only covered with a transparent film, but nothing can be seen on the surface… …

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