Chapter 293: Escape, really smart (Part 1)

After being locked in the cave, right in the middle of the cliff, how can a woman dare to escape? The man didn’t dare to think that Lin Chujiu would be so stupid to escape and look for death. The thing that came from his mind first was: Xiao Wangye came!

“Hurry, get up. No wonder the emperor is so afraid of him.” Even the Boss, who was sleeping, didn’t even change his clothes. He just grabbed his sword on the side and rolled out from his bed. Then, he slightly knocked the wall on the top of his head, and gently pushed the stone door and went towards the entrance.

And when he arrived, his other men also came out. Right now, a total of 28 people were looking towards the stone gate. Each one of them looked at the closed stone gate, then looked at their boss: What is going on?

Didn’t Xiao Wangye come?

The Boss looked around the cave and didn’t saw any obvious trace of intrusion, so he ordered his men: “You, you go check inside. Then, you guys opened the door.”

The people who checked inside didn’t come back quickly. On the other hand, the people who opened the stone door was very shocked from the scene outside: “Boss, Xiao Wangfei ran away.” A woman actually dared to escape right under their eyes.

Although, this was due to their negligence in watching Xiao Wangfei closely, but… …

Xiao Wangfei was a married a woman, how dare she escape? Isn’t she afraid of death?

“Chase after her!” The people cannot see their boss’s face, but from the tone of his voice, they were sure he was unhappy.

The Boss rushed outside first, followed by his men.

The reaction of this group of black people can be described as extremely fast. When they chased after Lin Chujiu, she only traveled half the distance of the big net. There was still a long distance away from the other side of the cliff.

The big net was specifically placed by the black men. It was kilometers long, connecting two separate mountains. It was not meant to be Lin Chujiu’s escape route.

“Xiao Wangfei, you are really courageous.” When the Boss saw that Lin Chujiu was not even scared and keep on going, his couldn’t help but get more and more angry.

It took him a lot of effort to get her. And now, Xiao Wangye hasn’t even been hooked in the bait, so how can he let Lin Chujiu escape?

When Lin Chujiu heard a voice, she looked back. Although it doesn’t seem so real, she knew that sooner or later those people will chase after her.

There was really a big physical gap between men and women. Not to mention, the other party have special skills. Lin Chujiu was sure that those people will not wait for her to run across the other side.

No, more likely, she hasn’t gone to the other side, but those people have caught up to her.

The Boss didn’t hesitate, he sent his men towards the giant net. Lin Chujiu felt the giant net was sinking because of the deliberate effort of the other party. The giant net even moved and Lin Chujiu fell a bit. Although she soon climbed up, she still wasted a lot of time. The distance between her and the other party was reduced to 200 meters.

Two hundred meters, it was within the range of her hidden weapons, the poison fine needles. Lin Chujiu doesn’t want to use it yet, but she aimed and press her hand to the small box in her hand. *Whoosh* After the sound, a row of fine needles shot towards the black men.

“Be careful.” The Boss was the one who reacted quickly, but the fine needles were very dense, unless they were out of range, they cannot hide from it.

Without any hesitation, the Boss pulled the man in front of him and hide.

“Ah… …” The fine needles one by one hit the men in front. Even with their physical strength, several of them still fell.

“Ah…” A scream after scream, in an instant, three people lose their balance and fell on the cliff.

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