Chapter 293: Escape, really smart (Part 2)

“Xiao Wangfei, I really underestimated you.” The Boss pushed the man in front of him on the cliff and walked toward Lin Chujiu.

After Lin Chujiu took a shot, she didn’t rush to go forward. Instead, she took a laser scalpel (CO2 scalpel) from the medical system!

The Boss didn’t see where did Lin Chujiu take out a knife, so when he suddenly saw it appeared, he couldn’t help but be shocked: “You have brought so many things with you?”

The two of them were separated by one hundred meters, but because the Boss used internal force, Lin Chujiu could hear him.

“Yes, quite a lot. Wanna try my sleeve arrow?” When Lin Chujiu spoke, she raised her left hand and released three small silver arrows. The silver arrows fly straight to the Boss’s face. 

The small hidden weapons were very easy to use, but there was a disadvantage. And that was, the number you can carry was too small. She can only stick three silver arrows on her wrist at most!

However, although the three arrows were small, they can be fierce. That’s why the Boss didn’t dare to face it, he kneels down to avoid them!

It’s time!

When Lin Chujiu saw the other person fall down, she immediately turned the laser scalpel to its maximum power.

Although it was a big waste, it can complete scrapped things. To save her life, she can be more extravagant!

*Crash*… …. Lin Chujiu used the laser scalpel to cut the big net. The Boss wanted to ridicule Lin Chujiu for her ignorance. The big net was made of fine iron. Lin Chujiu, trying to break it with the use of a knife, was something really ridiculous, but… … 

The Boss hasn’t said anything yet, but he saw the big net made with a fine iron of the Ministry of Industry, was instantly cut off.

“This is impossible!” The Boss shouted in shock, but his voice was quickly blown away by the wind.

The big net started swaying. And whether it was Lin Chujiu or the Boss, both of them could only hold half part of the net. As the big net falls, he flies towards the cliff.

Right after the Boss jumped, the big net was cut off. He was able to save his life, but the people behind him did not. Only a few people that quickly reacted were able to grab the cut-off net. The rest directly fall on the cliff.

Everyone was caught off guard, Lin Chujiu’s action was very fast. No one had thought that the big net made with a fine iron will be broken!

Lin Chujiu prepared herself earlier. After cutting the big net, she directly tossed away the laser scalpel and grabbed the other side of the net. Then, she just waited to swayed away to the other side of the cliff.

After the big net was broken, it directly hit the cliff. If a person didn’t prepare in time, that person will either get injured or crippled.

Lin Chujiu made preparations before she took an action. She pulled out a small flying tiger’s claw that was tied on her thigh. And the moment the net will hit the cliff, Lin Chujiu threw the tiger claw next to the other end of the net, then she released her grip to the net itself… …

*Bang*… … When the net slammed on the cliff, it created a very loud noise. A lot of dirt fell down. Lin Chujiu, who was still hanging below, swung twice due to the big impact. However, to slightly ease the impact earlier, Lin Chujiu tried to rotate her body. Although she was not injured, she was still in pain.

After hitting the cliff, the net bounced back again with a huge force. It even bounced back a dozen times. Lin Chujiu stayed hanging below until the net completely stopped from bouncing back.

Lin Chujiu raised her hand and wipe away the hair that was sticking on her forehead. Then, she looked back… …

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  1. Can anyone remind me wheter the medical system items replenish itself?

    Huhu i like that LC not overpowered but still manage to look like one.

    Thanks for the chapter.

  2. If I remember correctly it cannot replenish itself. She mentioned that when they asked for the 50000 units of medicine.

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