Chapter 294: Fruitless, just like what you are thinking (Part 2)

Everything was ready, Xiao Tianyao was just waiting for the other party to come to his door. However, morning has already passed, but he didn’t receive any message. And Lin Chujiu seems had disappeared like a thin air.

Which was strange!

*tock, tock, tock* Xiao Tianyao tapped his fingertips on the table. His rhythm was slow at first, then it gets faster and faster. Then suddenly, he was disrupted by the sound outside.

“Wangye, Liu Bai wants to see you.” The guard knew that their master can’t provoke this time, so he didn’t dare to let Liu Bai enter at once. Liu Bai also didn’t dare to rush inside, because… …

“Wangye, the Tiancang Pavillion said that they didn’t know who’s the person behind it.” After he finished, Liu Bai lowered his head and didn’t say anything else.

As for whether the Tiancang Pavilion really doesn’t know it or not, he doesn’t know.

Xiao Tianyao was not angry. He faintly made a sound and didn’t say anything.

Liu Bai looked up and looked at Xiao Tianyao. He wanted to ask if the other party already sent a message, but he couldn’t open his mouth.

Although he was not as smart as Su Cha, he can obviously feel that Xiao Tianyao was unhappy. Even if his face was emotionless, even if his tone was not high or low, he was sure that he was in a bad mood. So, he didn’t dare to poke the tiger’s head.

Liu Bai quietly took a step back and sneak on the side to sit down. He even concealed his breath, just to weaken his presence as much as possible.

Fortunately, not long after, Su Cha came back.

Su Cha was not polite at all, he directly pushed the door: “Wangye, we checked the places outside the capital, there is no news about Wangfei. There is also no suspicious people. The coachman and the maidservants have been staying below the cliff, they said aside from the Meng children, no one else came down from the cliff.”

“What about the Meng Family?” Xiao Tianyao’s eyelids move up a bit, but his expression was still the same. If Su Cha was not familiar to Xiao Tianyao, he will be scared to death.

Su Cha looked at Xiao Tianyao and said: “The Meng Family sent people down the cliff, but they didn’t found anyone.”

“Well, go on.” Xiao Tianyao faintly said, as if nothing happened, as if he didn’t feel anything.

Su Cha and Liu Bai looked at each other and shook their heads at the same time, then they left one by one.

They knew that persuasion and comfort were useless. Xiao Tianyao was a man who doesn’t understand the word regret. He never thinks that he had done something wrong!


After Su Cha and Liu Bai went outside, they didn’t rush to leave Xiao Wangfu. The two of them found a gazebo to sit down and let the servant sent them some foods.

They ran outside the whole day, they didn’t even have time to eat, they were very hungry!

“Say, what do you think Wangye will do next?” It will take some time before the foods arrive, so Su Cha and Liu Bai guessed what will Xiao Tianyao do next.

Su Cha licked his lips and smiled. “Wangye has always been conceited. He never regrets what he did in the past. Since the other party didn’t appear, Wangye will certainly take the initiative to come. Although the wind cliff  valley is deep, it’s not difficult for him to go down.”

“But, Wangye… … didn’t go last night, why wait until today?” Although night raid was dangerous, it can help him kill the other party easily.

“Wangye wants to find the person behind it. It’s useless to raid the tiger’s den. And of course, I’m not denying that Wangye deliberately… …” Su Cha unconsciously tapped the table, he learned this little trick to Xiao Tianyao. But, he was not Xiao Tianyao, he couldn’t keep up with the rhythm. His rhythm was a bit messy and heavy, he can’t do it well.

“What? Is it intentional?” Liu Bai’s eyes slightly widen, as he stared at Su Cha.

It’s not what he thinks, right?

Their Wangye was too bored.

Su Cha nodded his head, he silently confirmed to Liu Bai that what he was thinking was… …

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9 thoughts on “Chapter 294: Fruitless, just like what you are thinking (Part 2)

  1. Am I the only one who thinks Xiao is very very very mean and he doesn’t deserve Lin chu~ ? I mean she is so good and if Xiao really did it intentionally then gosh I durly wanna kill him. Anyway good work and thanks for the chaocha.. love you 😘😘😘😘

    1. He is playing the big game, so no I don’t hate him. If he loses things would be worse. Yes he treats everyone like chess pawns, but to a general everyone is a chess pawn. I am cold like the meanie of a prince.

      1. He always look at the bigger picture coz his ambition or rather goal is super big. everyone will understand him when we get to the right part.😊

        1. I know, but still he doesn’t deserve her. She’s been and will be in death’s door a hundred times but he doesn’t seem to realise that. Thanks 🙂

      2. I agree. He’s being strategic about the situation. There are a couple of advantages to not rushing in and saving LC:

        – He realizes this is a trap set up for him, so saving LC could result in the both of them being captured/killed

        – If he goes and saves LC, that’s showing the whole world that she’s his weak spot, and an enemy just needs to kidnap his Wangfei to control him. This would be a bad outcome for both XTY and LC

        – Waiting to lure out the person behind this and “taking care of them” is a good strategy, b/c otherwise after rescuing LC, the other party could just try again

        – He knows he’ll be called to the command the army within 2 months or so (if his plan vs. the Emperor works). So at that point, LC needs to fend for herself. This is a learning opportunity for her. Plus, his spys probably told him that LC asked the Meng family to create a bunch of hidden weapons, so she’s not completely helpless/ without a plan on how to escape/survive.

        (Although I do think it would’ve been more romantic if like in PGC, the ML provided FL with assassination weapons/training — but given her spy background, she doesn’t need it, but he doesn’t know that … so I’m writing this off as a plot hole lol).

  2. … Don’t tell me he’s waiting, so that she gets worried and then he can be her knight in shinning armour as well as have her depend on him more…

    Because that would be dumb and make me angry… or at least roll my eyes at him, I don’t want to waste more energy being angry at XTY, I’d rather use it to chear LCJ on!

  3. I like to intepret this as its fruitless for XTY to think this would teach LCJ what her place is in his world. Because hah she’s saving herself and thinking he AINT qualified to be her man 😏

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