Chapter 297: Wolf Mountain, don’t be too self-righteous (Part 1)

Only a few people knew the name of the mountain opposite to the Wind Cliff Valley. After all, the two mountain was a thousand meters away from each other. No one ever thought of connecting the two, but… …

Other people may not know, but Demon Lord knew it very well.

The mountain opposite to the Wind Cliff Valley was called Wolf Mountain. After all, many packs of wolves lived there.

In the wolf mountain, the wolves were the kings, so ordinary people simply don’t dare to go in there. But of course, Demon Lord has never been an ordinary person. For him, there is no place in the world that he can’t go.

Demon Lord knew that Lin Chujiu was waiting for him to save her. There was no much time left, so he used his full strength to climb up. 

Lin Chujiu will definitely get jealous with this because, in a blink of an eye, Demon Lord climbed up 10 meters high. And he was getting and getting faster.

For Demon Lord, walking in the cliff was only a little harder than the flat ground. During the process of climbing, his clothes didn’t even have a single scratch.

After two-quarters of an hour, Demon Lord saw the other side of the big net. Demon Lord was sure now that Lin Chuji must be there, but… …

Where is she?

Looking up at the big net, he didn’t see Lin Chujiu’s figure, which was strange.

“Did she climb up?” If that was the case, Demon Lord wanted to say that Lin Chujiu was more powerful than he imagined. However, it’s not good.

Climbing up the Wolf Mountain will only make her die faster.

He only hopes that Lin Chujiu’s speed wouldn’t be too fast and she can wait until he appears.

“Stupid woman, you should have waited for someone to save you.” Demon Lord couldn’t help but cursed. And once again, he climbed up in a hurry.

Demon Lord’s eyesight was very good. So, even if he was climbing in a hurry, he could see the walls have traces of blood!

The cliff was grayish black in color, normally, blood will not be visible. However, he can see them clearly.

Demon Lord’s face became more and more ugly. Especially, when he saw Lin Chujiu sticking herself on the cliff.

Without any protection, Lin Chujiu clumsily climbed the cliff little by little. Her speed was only a little bit faster than a snail. But, she doesn’t seem planning to give up… …

“How come there is such a stupid woman?” At that moment, Demon Lord felt his heart was aching, he thought he was too strict with Lin Chujiu.

“Oh… ..” Lin Chujiu wonder what she grabbed, but her right hand suddenly lose a grip. Half of her body was hanged on the edge of the cliff, and she might fall anytime.

Seeing this scene, Demon Lord’s heart stopped beating. His hands and feet reacted faster than his brain. When his senses came back, he had already advanced forward and holding Lin Chujiu in his arms.

Sure enough, only when he was holding her, he could feel at ease.

“Ah…” As she was forcefully spin around, Lin Chujiu was so scared to the point her face got pale, and she instinctively hugged Demon Lord: “Who?”

She didn’t notice anyone below the cliff.

“Stupid, do you think you are a martial god? Why did you such a dangerous thing? Do you know what will happen to you if you fall?” Lin Chujiu was reprimanded right straight in front of her face.

His voice sounds strange, but she seemed to have heard it somewhere.

After calming down her mind, Lin Chujiu looked up and saw a ghostly mask… …


Lin Chujiu was startled. But at the same time, she was glad that she was courageous enough, she didn’t die from shock.

Lin Chuji patted her chest and then knitted her eyebrows: “How come you’re here?” She and this man have nothing to do with each other.

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8 thoughts on “Chapter 297: Wolf Mountain, don’t be too self-righteous (Part 1)

  1. What a logic – ‘I don’t help you, you are my wangfei prove it’, but after that he had problem that she didn’t wait for help.
    And I’m courious, without even birds in sky and plants (description valley from eariel) what eat these wolves?

  2. She’s stupid?!?! If she was stupid, she would be dead a long time ago. She knows it is better to take a chance and escape with her own might than wait for you. God only knows when you will show up.

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