Chapter 297: Wolf Mountain, don’t be too self-righteous (Part 2)

“How come? Is seeing this lord disappointing?” He came to save her, but she was unhappy?

“Of course, not.” Lin Chujiu had thought it through, so in the end, she didn’t shake her head: “I was just surprised.” She never thought someone would come to save her.

Well, she admits that she had hoped it was Xiao Tianyao, but it wasn’t him. 

That man was really cold.

Lin Chujiu couldn’t help but wonder if Xiao Tianyao really likes her?

If he really likes her, how can he just watch her take risks and ignore her?

“You didn’t expect that this lord will save you? Hmph… … If this lord didn’t come, you will die.” Demon Lord held Lin Chujiu and didn’t delay further. He climbed up the cliff easily, as if he was only carrying an object.

Looking at the distance she climbed for hours, while the other party climb with just a flip of a foot, Lin Chujiu felt sad in an instant.

What martial god? That thing was simply hateful. It only stepped on the confidence of ordinary people, so Lin Chujiu didn’t agree to Demon Lord.

“Without you, I can climb up.” She never doubts about this.

“What about after you climb up? You will feed yourself to the wolves?” Even if he doesn’t want to admit it, Demon Lord believes her words.

Without him, Lin Chujiu can really climb up.

“What wolves? Are there wolves on the top of the mountain?” If there were, then it was indeed dangerous.

“This mountain is called Wolf Mountain. No one has dared to come here alone. So tell me, do you think a woman like you can stay alive in here?” As soon as he finished, the two of them arrived at the top of the mountain, and Demon Lord released Lin Chujiu. At this time, he saw the clothes she was wearing, so he couldn’t help but frown and say: “What kind of clothes are you wearing? It’s very ugly!”

Lin Chujiu didn’t take it to heart. Fortunately, she was still a virgin, so the possibility of her being insulted was zero.

Demon Lord felt good with her cognitive level.

“My clothes got wet before, I can only change with this. Although it is rough, it is more convenient than wearing a dress.” She was just saved by the other party, so Lin Chujiu didn’t dare to show a cold shoulder.

“They are nothing but rags and tattered clothes, but you still treat them like treasures.” After he talked, Demon Lord untied his robe and put it on Lin Chujiu’s body: “The wind is strong, cover yourself.”

“Thank you.” Lin Chujiu didn’t refuse. She was very tired from climbing the cliff. And now, the sweat on her body was being blown by the wind, she couldn’t help but feel a bit cold.

“Sit down, this lord will go and find you some food.” Although he could bring Lin Chujiu down from the mountain before it gets dark, there is no way Demon Lord will go down the mountain now.

“Thank you.” Lin Chujiu was indeed hungry and tired, she doesn’t have any intention to go down the mountain this time. She was not confident that she can go down before it gets dark.

The mountain was called Wolf Mountain, so at night, she knew it will be more terrible than daytime.

In a blink of an eye, Demon Lord disappeared in front of Lin Chujiu.

Lin Chujiu look around her surroundings, after determining that Demon Lord will not appear. She looked for a flat ground facing the cliff and sat down.

Lin Chujiu confirmed that no one was behind her, so she took out a small surgical bag from the medical system. Before Demon Lord arrives, Lin Chujiu wanted to handle her injuries.

There were several serious injuries on her legs and chest, there were sands sticking on them. If she won’t handle them by now, it will get serious tomorrow. There were also wounds from her back, but she couldn’t deal with them now, so she simply ignored them.

Lin Chujiu’s self-treatment was very fast, her movements were very secretive, but what she doesn’t know… …

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  1. What she didn’t know… is that the peeping Tom of her wangye was excited to see her treat the chest wound. *rolls up newspaper* Bad XTY! *smack* Go sit in the corner for 15 minutes!

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