Chapter 298: Clean, very beautiful (Part 1)

Demon Lord didn’t leave at all!

He was only hiding in the dark. He wanted to see if she was in danger. But, he never thought Lin Chujiu would take out a small box out of nowhere. And then, he will see her undressing.

Lin Chujiu really has a lot of secrets… … 

As for his insolence behavior, don’t mention it. Those words were useless to him. He has an open and magnanimous heart. And because of his good eyesight, even if he was far, he can clearly see that… …

Lin Chujiu was hurt!

Her snowy white skin was covered with bruises, there were even a few purple contusion. He couldn’t see it earlier because she was wearing clothes, but now, he can completely see them.

Seeing this scene, Demon Lord’s first reaction was not distress. But rather, he finds it very beautiful.

Lin Chujiu, who was scared but stubbornly standing on the top of the cliff, really has an explicable beauty.

He must be crazy.

Demon Lord shook his head. He doesn’t have the intention to inquire about Lin Chujiu’s secret. So, when he learned she was okay and can take care of her own self, he left with ease.

Lin Chujiu was not a fragile porcelain, she doesn’t need him to always lend her a hand.

In order for Lin Chujiu to have enough time to treat herself, Demon Lord purposely came back late. He only returned after half an hour with two rabbits and wild fruits.

It was very difficult to hunt rabbits in the Wolf Mountain. On the contrary, it was very easy to hunt a wolf. However, hunting one will make other wolves angry, which was not a worthy action.

When Demon Lord came back, Lin Chujiu had already packed up her medical kit. And in order not to let the other party get suspicious, she didn’t wipe her hands, feet, and face. They were still dirty.

“Come on, take this and wash your face.” Demon Lord pulled Lin Chujiu’s hand. Lin Chujiu’s hand was wrapped with a bandage, but the bandage was soaked with blood, mud, and sweat. However, Demon Lord, who loved cleanliness, didn’t show any discomfort. Instead, he kept holding her hand.

Lin Chujiu wanted to pull her hand, but she’s never been Demon Lord’s opponent. So, she could only let him pull her hand.

Aside from the wolves, the Wolf Mountain also has other wild animals. Naturally, there was no shortage of water sources. Demon Lord also brought Lin Chujiu a spring water, that he gracefully handed: “Clean up, you’re dirty, it’s disgusting.”

He looked very arrogant, his tone was full of disgust, but Lin Chujiu didn’t find it annoying.

“Thank you.” Lin Chujiu sincerely thanked Demon Lord, she even felt that he was less annoying than before.

The spring water was sweet and clear, it is safe to drink. So, after wiping her hands, Lin Chujiu drank it.

Lin Chujiu was really thirsty, it’ just, she didn’t mention it.

After drinking enough, Lin Chujiu felt more comfortable. She used a bandage as a towel and wiped the dirt in her body.

Her body felt refreshed in an instant. And if there are clean clothes to change, that would be even better.

After thinking about it, Lin Chujiu pushed aside her thoughts right away.

She was being insatiable. She reached the top of the mountain safely, so she should be thankful. But instead, she actually even think about clothes, she really is… …

Lin Chujiu turned around and said to Demon Lord: “I’m done, do you also want to wash your hands?” She remembered that he just pulled her hand earlier… …

Now, there was blood on his hand.

“Mmm.” Demon Lord came closer and kneel on the side, then he washed his hands. He even repeated the same movement several times, in a very serious and detailed manner.

Lin Chujiu shook her head, this man was even more serious in cleanliness than her, who is a doctor.

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