Chapter 299: Failed, can’t stand it (Part 1)

The cave was small, two people will feel cramped if they stay inside together. And it was extremely low, it only has the same height as Lin Chujiu. Demon Lord has to bend his waist.

However, the cave was quite clean and some mosquito and snake repellents were planted around. Lin Chujiu made a guess that someone must have deliberately planted them.

After Demon Lord left, Lin Chujiu look for some dried leaves and branches nearby. She piled them up outside the cave, but another problem came in, she can’t make a fire!

There was fuel in the medical system, but there were no tools for ignition. Lin Chujiu looked at the pile of dried leaves and branches, then sighed.


When Demon Lord came back, he saw Lin Chujiu, sitting at the entrance of the cave like a fool, so he couldn’t help but frown: “What’s wrong?”

“I, I can’t make a fire.” Lin Chujiu, who was a bit embarrassed said while getting up.

She seemed to be not only a burden but also adding troubles.

“Take this.” Demon Lord tosses the fire fold in front of Lin Chujiu, then he went to cut branches to stick the pheasant and rabbit.

There was no water source nearby, so Demon Lord specifically cleaned them before he came back. The bloody smell in the prey was lessened.

Lin Chujiu was not yet familiar with the use of the fire fold. When Demon Lord finished what he was doing, Lin Chujiu haven’t made a fire.

“How can you be so stupid?” Demon Lord cursed, but he took the fire fold in Lin Chujiu’s hand and gently blew it. A fire immediately appeared to where the dried branches and leaves were placed. Demon Lord seems to be experienced in making a fire, he randomly moved the dried branches, and the flame became bigger.

“The fire is now burning, can you roast the meat?” Demon Lord patted his hand while speaking. Obviously, he has no intention to do it himself.

As a lord, he rarely does things himself.

“Mmm.” Lin Chujiu agreed. She was used to roasting meat in the wild. Demon Lord doesn’t need to say anything. Lin Chujiu took the meat and roasted them in the fire.

There were no barbecue grills, it has to be held by hands. It takes a lot of hard work to do. And because it was close to the fire, people couldn’t stand it for a long period of time.

Lin Chujiu’s hands were hurt from climbing the mountain cliff. But now, she was roasting the meat and she was close to the fire. The wounds from her body felt like being roasted and it’s becoming more painful. 

Not long after, Lin Chujiu was sweating all over her body. Her face was even more flushed than before. However, even if she was having a hard time, she tried to endure. She didn’t show any painful expression on her face.

It was hard to bear, but it was tolerable.

Seeing this scene, Demon Lord’s handsome face under the mask showed a trace of irritation. Then, he grabbed the meat from her hands and pushed her away: “Get out of the way.”

His tone sounds bad, his actions were rude. But for Lin Chujiu, it was a goodwill: “Thank you.”

“Your thank you sound so cheap.” Aside from saying thank you, does she know to say something else?

“I… owe you my life.” Lin Chujiu said and solemnly made a promise: “If one day, you need help, as long as you speak and I can do it, I will do it for you.”

“Very good, remember your words.” Demon Lord, who was full of hypocrisy, didn’t refuse.

Lin Chujiu sighed with relief. She and Demon Lord were not familiar with each other. But, he doesn’t ask anything in return, which made her very surprised.

Demon Lord took over the rest of the work. Lin Chujiu no longer hesitated and went inside the cave. Then, she covered herself with Demon Lord’s robe.

Lin Chujiu was very tired, not long after, she fell asleep. Demon Lord looked back and saw Lin Chujiu sleeping. He couldn’t help but frown in this.

As his eyes constrict, Demon Lord sighed. Then, he continued roasting the meat in his hands.

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7 thoughts on “Chapter 299: Failed, can’t stand it (Part 1)

  1. This ‘romantic’ interaction with a husband in disguise make me gnash my teeth. CL is tired, has injured hands but like a lowly slave she has to serve a guy who could take her from this mountain in half a day (after all it took him less to come from the palace and search her) but what for when he can insult her on every step. It’s really funny when after this kind of treatment woman still think that should be dependent from man.
    In this moment I’m really courious is there a story when after betrayal woman not die and reborn but take revenge in current line of time from shadow?

      1. I think it’s not a story about revenge for betrayal, it was supposed to be a comedy, at least in these 500 chapters, what I read. Besides, this is one of those stories where MC divorced her husband without consummation and have new husband with more power. I’m curious about something like “The Cry of the Phoenix Which Reached the Ninth Heaven” or “Di Daughter’s Rebirth: Sheng Shi Wang Fei” but with MC working in the shade but not in a new body, or returning in time. Really there are no stories about ‘black widow’ heroines?

        1. So, far I haven’t encounter one. The only one i’ve read without transmigation or something is the Empress with no virtous.

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