Chapter 301: Into the capital, can’t defy (Part 2)

The medical system once again reminded Lin Chujiu, but this patient was in a crowded place. She was in the line, it wasn’t her turn yet, so how can she go and find this patient?

In dissatisfaction, Lin Chujiu complain again and again. Lin Chujiu stepped out from the line to look for her so-called patient.

“Miss, aren’t you going in the capital?” An aunt who was behind her kindly asked.

“I… …” Lin Chujiu bowed her head and sighed. Her face was full of worry when she opened her mouth again: “Auntie, I am in a hurry.”

The Aunt looked at Lin Chujiu’s embarrassed face and smiled: “Miss, it’s okay, you go to the secret place I know, in exchange for your position.”

“Thank you, Auntie.” Lin Chujiu softly thanked the woman, as if she was her daughter-in-law.

After coming out from the line, Lin Chujiu, however, didn’t go forward. The medical system didn’t send an alarm when she first came to the line, which means, the patient arrived later than her.

Lin Chujiu went to the back. She tried walking very slow to secretly looked for the patient mentioned by the medical system. After all, she can’t just ask all the people along the way, if they were sick or not.

This is simply nerve-wracking!

(A patient needs immediate treatment! )

The medical system shamelessly reminded Lin Chujiu once again. Lin Chujiu almost went crazy, she has already reached the end of the line, but she still hasn’t found the patient.

With no other choice, Lin Chujiu go back to the front line. However, this time, among the people in the carriage lane, a woman suddenly shouted: “Zong’er, Zong’er, don’t scare mother, don’t scare mother like this! Someone, someone please come and help my son!” “

“Furen, what happened to the young master? Is he sick?”

“Help, Zong’er, Zong’er, don’t scare mother… …”

“Inside the carriage?” Lin Chujiu looked towards the carriage. Her first reaction was, the medical system might be broken. She clearly cannot receive a signal when she was inside the carriage.

However, whether it was broken or not, she finally found her patient, she must treat him immediately!

Lin Chujiu ran quickly towards the carriage, but she was stopped: “Who are you? This is not the place you should be.” Lin Chujiu was wearing coarse clothes, at first glance, she looked like someone from a poor family.  So naturally, she will be stopped.

“Get out of the way, I am a doctor.” Lin Chujiu pushed aside the servant’s hand and sharply looked back at him.

The servant was just an ordinary person, so seeing Lin Chujiu dressed in commoner clothes, he thought she was only ignorant about the world. However, when he saw her sharp eyes, he got scared of her. Lin Chujiu took this opportunity and pushed aside the servant, then she walked close to the carriage: “Furen, I am a doctor.” 

“Quick, doctor, please take a look at my son.” The woman inside the carriage was very worried, so when someone claimed to be a doctor, she didn’t think too much. But when she opened the carriage’s door, she was shocked: “You, are you really a doctor?”

Lin Chujiu didn’t answer the woman’s question, she just looked at the child with a blue face and having shortness of breath: “Your child is having an asthma attack, if he will not receive an emergency treatment, he will die from suffocation.”

Lin Chujiu quickly explain the situation, the woman nodded her head and said: “Yes, yes, doctor, can you save my son?” The woman’s opinion quickly changed, when she heard Lin Chujiu’s diagnosis.

“Yes, just let me get inside the carriage.” The first aid treatment to asthma attack was a bit bloody, she mustn’t let many people see her treatment method.

“Hurry, hurry… …” The woman busily gives a way to Lin Chujiu. The servant wanted to remind his master, but it was too late… …

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