Chapter 304: Stupid, will definitely be mad (Part 2)

There was nothing wrong to coming forward and asking Lin Chujiu. Asking a few questions were enough, and the rest will just follow… …

As long as the palace court officials will reprimand Lin Chujiu the next day for being an immoral and corrupted woman. She will no longer be worthy of Xiao Wangye. What was the need to embarrassed her in front of people in the street?

What is the use of embarrassing her in street? Will those people in the street dare to preach her? As long the palace court official will not say anything, these ordinary people will not gossip around. They will not be able to shake her status as Xiao Wangfei.

The Crown Prince didn’t see the main point of the problem, he only just earn the people’s sympathy.

Because the Crown Prince causes trouble at the capital’s gate, many people got aware of what Lin Chujiu did. Those people who had a good deed and knew the whole story went home and spread the news.

The Crown Prince didn’t think much of what he did. However, just because he didn’t think too much, doesn’t mean the other will also do the same. The imperial family’s history will not get affected by Xiao Wangfei, but the Crown Prince will.

Is Lin Xiang’s close ties with the Crown Prince made him arrogant?

They can see the Crown Prince’s arrogance has a resemblance to Lin Xiang’s arrogance.

The Right Prime Minster’s faction readies themselves for tomorrow’s war… …


After Lin Chujiu got inside the carriage, the medical system shut up its alarm decisively. It no longer reminded Lin Chujiu, that she didn’t treat the patient. Lin Chujiu guessed that the patient’s illness must not be too serious and went to the capital to see a doctor.

Their carriage peacefully returned to the Xiao Wangfu. After getting off the carriage, Lin Chujiu was planning to take a bath to freshen up. This time, no one dared to say even a half a sentence to her, they only arranged a soft sedan chair for her to use.

Around this time, Lin Chujiu’s four maidservants only receive the message, so they were still on the way from the Wind Cliff Valley. Only Chunxi and Qiuxi were in Lin Chujiu’s courtyard. When they saw Lin Chujiu, their eyes were red in worried, but Lin Chujiu sent them away.

After a few months of being together, Lin Chujiu has proven that the two people’s master was Xiao Tianyao. So, how could they really get worried about her? Their feelings were too fake.

Lin Chujiu had a lot of scratches and bruises all over her body. There was no way for her to take bath. So, she only washed her hair. After washing, Lin Chujiu wrapped her hair with the towel and rubbed them for three times.

After cleaning up herself, Lin Chujiu didn’t forget to put medicine on her wounds. It’s just, she couldn’t see and reach the wounds behind her back, so she had to wait for Feicui and the others.

To get rid of the bruises in her body, she had to massage them. This process is very painful, much painful than the medical system’s punishment. After being punished by the medical system several times, Lin Chujiu find her pain resistance has increased. At least, if she encounters a cruel situation, she will not scream in pain.

After doing this and that, Lin Chujiu called out Chunxi and Qiuxi to prepare her something to eat, then she asked: “Did Wangye said something?”

“Wangye said, to let Wangfei had a good rest,” Qiuxi answered truthfully. Her attitude towards Lin Chujiu was even more respectful than before.

The most honorable persons in this place were their Wangye and Wangfei. The two of them had taken good care of their Wangfei. But now, she doesn’t need them, so they had no better things to do.

“I see, tell Wangye, I will go and see him after I finish my meal.” Xiao Tianyao said to have a good rest. But, Lin Chujiu doesn’t dare to act big, she believed that if she had a good rest before seeing him, that man will definitely be mad.


What Lin Chujiu had guessed wasn’t wrong. Xiao Tianyao was really angry at this time. However, he was not angry at her, but to the Crown Prince!

A prince who has no real power actually dared to make a move on his Wangfei, he is simply courting death!

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